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Word Mapping Made Easy The presenter provided a process to determine selection of a strategy to teach specific vocabulary.

The session focused first on determining 10-12 specific vocabulary words related to a unit of study using Beck's tiered approach.  Once the words were selected participants then tried to determine which Learning Strategy would be most effective in teaching the specific words, Word Mapping or LINCS.    Small groups engaged in dialogue in order to make these determinations.  As a large group, we then shared and conversed about the choices.
The presenter, Monica Simon, surfaced our background knowledge, kept the group engaged throughout the session and provided research information that deepened understanding.  When I left the session, I felt like I had tools to make the differentiated selection of academic material and specific learning strategy to facilitate student learning.
slp2015 About 7 years ago

Extending the Strategic Math Series to teach RIGOROUS Elem Math by Margaret Flores was excellent. FB page: Strategic Math Series is great!

hbarrier About 7 years ago

Pre-conference Session on Differentiated Visual Tools was outstanding

Great opportunity to dive deeper into the DVTs, see the new secondary DVTs available and hear first-hand of the outstanding work being done.  Looking forward to exploring a variety of PD opportunities and work toward effective implementation by teachers.  Appreciated all of the ideas and brainstorming done.
mcrane About 7 years ago

CER and HOT and Reasoning caused deeper thinking about their use connected to standards and core competencies.

Exploring key words in the standards and core competencies that jump out, and those that are buried to determine which CER would best serve instruction was enlightenting.  Want to learn more about cohesion and coherence.
meo_sim_2015 About 7 years ago

Word Mapping Made Easy: How to "Map" in Content Area Classrooms

Monica's session has immediate implications for PD in both Word Mapping and Vocabulary LINCing.  As companion strategies, they can be powerful tools for teachers to build vocabulary lessons in content area classes that can result in increased student outcomes.  Learning strategies teachers also can benefit from this information.  It can give the strategies teachers an avenue for showing their students how to pick the best strategy for learning new words.
rarvin About 7 years ago

Listening to students' voices about the effects of our work in SiM is essential.

The session presented by Keith Lenz was extremely thought provoking. As professional developers, we need to pay attention to what students, the ultimate recipients of our work, are saying about how their lives are affected by our delivery processes. Listening to student voice is something that is imperative in this critical work. Thank you for this session. 
pattyke About 7 years ago

The Paradigms, They Are a-Shiftin'!

This was a dynamic session for me.  While I am excited about innovative thought, and particularly involving technology, I am aware of some discomfort folks may have felt receiving the information.  This discomfort will eventually morph into acceptance.  I reflected on the nature of our business, and how we must stay abreast of technology, knowing our constituents' expertise far surpasses ours; kids know their tech!  I also began to wonder how micro-credentialing might impact our approach to assessment of student work.
urbanhiker About 7 years ago

Hoxie's is exciting now and its potential to be revolutionary for researchers is the future now.

susanwestberry About 7 years ago

Participants were reminded of key communication beliefs as they explored the continuum between top-down and partnership communication.

Jim Knight did an excellent job of providing background and examples of top-down versus partnership principles. Participants then used a self-rating tool to evaluate personal communication beliefs. Jim also gave us a number of reference books for deeper understanding of the key points. 
lhickey About 7 years ago

Ed Ellis and Vicki Ricketts:

I love so many things about the DVTs.  I am thrilled that they are digital friendly and can be used with iPads.  The organization of them being directly related to common core standards is SO helpful!  The extended and supplemental activities ensure collaboration and extension of the concepts learned. I am very excited to share these with my staff at Harding High School as we implement the 1:1 iPad initiative this fall.  Perfect timing!
motzel About 7 years ago

Using Technology to Build a SIM Community

Using Technology to Build a SIM Community: I have been trying to figure out how to provide online PD for SIM due to the limited PD time available. This session gave great ideas for how to get started on this endeavor. While my key focus was on the logistics of this effort, what I didn't realize was the relationships that could be fostered in this format. 
jbasler About 7 years ago

Social Media Session

I rethought the use of tech tools.  I will try Plickers again and plan to use Padlet in an upcoming session.
I appreciated the sharing of successes as well as what they would do differently.
Well done!
medicic About 7 years ago