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The session on Micro-Credentials was very helpful. Dr. Roome was very knowledgable.

The presentation covered a brief overview, and then allowed the participants to interact with the system.
abowers About 7 years ago

Thanks for walking us through the process of micro-credentialing

francesi About 7 years ago

Love technology when it works!?!

I felt Culatta had very valuable information to share.  Too bad it the sound was broken up and unable to be understood.  I felt that he had great information by sharing trends he is seeing from a larger, national lens.  
scolewhit About 7 years ago

Richard cullata opening very informative

I thought it was very profound that the department of eduction recognizes that immediate feedback through technology is important for teachers and students. Very good presentation.
lrklima About 7 years ago

It is the new currency! to show competency based skills for PD.

dgillam About 7 years ago

The preconference Xtreme Reading was very engaging that incorporated several activities and everyone participated.

aliceschmitges About 7 years ago

Keynote by Richard Culatta offered some intriguing ideas for the emerging trends. I definitely plan to explore some of the resources.

barbv About 7 years ago

Technology as a Tool to Redesign Learning: Culatta's discussion of technology in education today and significant trends hits the mark!

Of the 6 trends Culatta presented, none hit the mark so succinctly as "Truly Mobile Learning" and "Open Education."   As an avid fan of Praxis, the idea that learning should be put into practice right away to enrich said learning, I am very interested in being an agent of change for shifting current practices in support of these two trends.  I have already been a part of Culatta's suggested strategies of modeling new, best practices (creating rock stars) and then telling the stories of the models.  I will continue to employ these strategies, facilitating the development of even more "mega rock star" teachers and campuses and shouting their stories from the rooftops.
tericlement About 7 years ago

Technology as a Tool to Redesign Learning: Culatta. How the education paradign is evolving with the 21 st. century.

I am definitely drinking the so called "kook-aid" and have for years in the viewing of  mobile learning.  I would like to know how this will be modeled in order for teachers to see how they can evolve teaching methods.  The six key steps were:1. Personalized Learning 2. Competency 3.Common Sills currency 4.Feed back in near-rear time 5.Truly Mobile Learning 6.Open Education.

It was very refreshing to hear from Mr. Culatta about the changes taking place within the United States.  Changes are being implemented so that "EVERY" student can reach mastery.  This will take place with some of the following outline notes included in this body of information regarding the sessions from this morning.

SIMposium (2015)
Culatta- Technology as a Tool to Redesign Learning
-President states: free WIFI needs to be available at all schools
-6 billion will be going towards technology in education (2 billion -WIFI in the classroom(going out this month)
-Huge Shift in education(transformational to the extreme)
-Future Ready Pledge (superintendents are taking pledge) tech.edgove/FutureReady (2000 schools pledged)
-1. Personalized Learningall learners are not the same (all levels and all different types)climbing tree cartoonconsent would be mastery vs. time being varied-2. Competency Based-3. Common Skills currency- Badging (micro-credentials) Horizontal- MasteryVertical(different levels) Lvl. 1 ,2, …  Powerful transformation in resume-4. Feedback in near-rear time data (strengths and weaknessesFitbit (changes behavior) totals what you doYou already know all of the data because you are doing it (the visualization is what causes the effect of the CHANGE to happen)  Visualization is a major game changer (Like Micro Credentials)
Learning Positioning System in education would work like a FIT-bit-5. Truly Mobile Learningno longer attached to cablestechnology should support us in our learning activities where we are and at that exact moment (not having to leave to go to a computer lab)-6. Open Educationshare and co-create resourcesresource (Illinois Shared Learning Environment
-Future Ready Districts “create RockSTARS”

Cody Mize
SIM Coach
cm_ic_sim About 7 years ago

Xtreme Reading Preconference session

jean Schumaker presented terrific data and history of development. Pam Leitzell and Jerri Neduchal presented an interactive session that was informative and full of useful tools and ideas.
pattygraner About 7 years ago