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Crafting Organizational Culture, One Badge at a Time

Shape your organization into a connected, compassionate community using digital badges. By celebrating human connections and achievements and recognizing shared values, you put human experience at the center of your organizational culture.

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Culture is the Fabric of a Thriving Organization

Many organizations struggle to consistently develop, track and measure cultural development. Make important cultural moments visible by using digital badges to recognize milestones, achievements and shared interests.

  • trophy Award employees, students, and other learners.

    Digital badges are customizable digital credential that can be awarded to anyone at any time.

  • award Enrich their learning experience & bring added value to your courses.

    Give them the status symbol they crave. Recognize their accomplishments with digital badges and triple their lifetime value.

  • list Spotlight their skills and open career opportunities.

    Boost their career prospects with trusted, verifiable credentials that help learners be seen and shared.

Powering learning innovation for industry leaders


Custom Designs to Match Your Branding

A badge for every course, class, event or achievement


Unlike traditional credentials, digital badges aren't just slips of paper

Traditional awards lack a whole lot of detail. Diplomas and degrees may be 3D, but they still hit flat. The reader has no way of verifying if the printed information they see is true. Plus they don't have context for the accomplishment being rewarded. Digital badges have verifiable proof baked in that anyone can check and verify. A digital badge is:

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  • trophy Visible

    Badges con be shared everywhere: on resumes, learning portals, websites, social media profiles and even email signatures.

  • badge-check Verifiable

    Badges are transparent and info-right. Every badge is bundled with supporting evidence--one click tells you everything you need to know.

  • people-connecting Trackable

    See exactly what someone did to earn a credential, how it was earned, when, and who it was issued by.

  • list Personalizable

    Create customizable badges to award any kind of skill, achievement or accomplishment you can think of.

Built for businesses, coaches and educators

Inspire and celebrate your learner's achievements with awardable badges.

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Why use digital badges?

Whether you're training your team, administering courses, or advertising to students of all kinds, digital badges are for you.

  • Encourage ongoing education and training, plus allow badge earners to craft a digital profile of their accomplishments.
  • Increase the value of your courses or training
  • Celebrate achievements and reward them with the status they crave
  • Inspire commitment and create loyal followers, fans and employees
  • Generate more revenue from each student and dramatically boost their lifetime value
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Super easy to use

Badging is a breeze. Generate badges quickly and easily, no training required.

  • Design and award a badge in minutes
  • Instantly upload supporting evidence
  • Web-based, so there's nothing for you to manage and no software to configure
  • Fully optimized for mobile
Craft a custom badge
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Proudly show off your true colors

Personalize every pixel. Create beautiful badges and digital credentials that match your brand and inspire your learners.

  • Fully customizable
  • Create stunning designs that increase social visibility
  • Generate badges quickly (requires no training)
Craft a custom badge
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Set it and forget it with full automation

Share badges in your sleep and even wake up to new leads with full automated everything. Once you set up your Badge List, it runs on its own, leaving you more time to spend with your students.

Start awarding badges in minutes.

Here's how it works.

  • Step 1

    Create a badge group

    Your group represents your organization and is the homebase for all of your badges. You can create a free group or upgrade to get premium features.

  • Step 2

    Create your first badge

    The badge should represent a skill that can be mastered or a training that can completed. You'll specify what evidence is required in order to demonstrate mastery.

  • Step 3

    Award your badges

    Your badge earners will be able to share their badge to social media immediately. They can also submit learning evidence to their badge portfolio.

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Thousands of professional and academic organizations use Badge List to track and reward professional development.

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Are you ready to start badging?

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