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The new GIST is not only impressive, it's usable and useful.

susanwestberry Almost 8 years ago

The speaker presented a lot of info in a concise format. I liked the way he numbered his main points and then discussed its importance.

rodriguezb Almost 8 years ago

Xtreme Reading

The session provided participants with an introduction to the Xtreme Reading Program. This program is geared for secondary students reading at an approximate grade level of 4. It is a year long program that spirals the context and has high expectations for the learners.  
rebeccaosco Almost 8 years ago

Microcredentialing is an exciting way to display your achievements and strengths.

The idea of rewarding students and teachers for working towards a goal is a powerful tool.  I am excited about navigating this tool and adding it to my professional developer toolbox.
cjamison Almost 8 years ago

Richard Culatta's keynote was very engaging!

kuamber Almost 8 years ago

Digital Visual Tools with Ed Ellis and V. Ricketts

The DVTs are amazing! As we work with the younger educators, I feel that this product will speak to them and get them excited. I love the levels of explicitness and the inclusion of prompts. 
sallie Almost 8 years ago

The Xtreme Session was very succinctly covered for PDers familiar with the stages of learning strategies.

retired6 Almost 8 years ago

Micro-Credential Opening Session

Very interesting and useful for my work.
kspielman Almost 8 years ago


The keynote was relevant to my district initiatives.  The six trends should be considered as we continue to make responsive changes to PD and implementation of SIM to ensure success of all students.  I will discuss these trends with my local SIM PDers to reflect on our current practices and to make needed changes that can be supported through our district instructional technology initiative.  There are so many ways we can embed technology to enhance SIM instruction.
rosemary Almost 8 years ago

Step-by-step support through the program would have been helpful. How do you post badges on linkin or Facebook?

cjamison Almost 8 years ago

Kulatta's keynote

Mr. Kulatta's was timely and relevant. Would like more information on the balance between maintaining quality and the "open"ness of technology for curriculum and collaboration. 
alee Almost 8 years ago

The Xtreme Reading workshop was excellent and challenging.

juliaeyer Almost 8 years ago