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Experts have not only mastered the basic functionality of Badge List but have also demonstrated the ability to help out first time users.

Required Evidence

Create a learning group

Post a link to your learning group. More Info

Create a badge

Post a link to your badge. More Info

Award your first badge

Award a badge (or invite someone as a learner), then click on their face and copy the link of their progress log here. More Info

Teach someone else about Badge List

Help a friend or colleague get started with Badge List & link to the group or badge they created. Then share any problems they ran into or things that were confusing here. More Info

Badge Overview

How to earn this badge

Earning this badge shows that you've mastered Badge List enough to help someone else. To earn the badge, post the items specified in the Required Evidence section above.  First click the big green "Get This Badge" button up top, then sign up / in if needed, then click the little blue Post buttons next to the Required Evidence items.  When you're done a validation request will automatically be sent to the badge experts.


Here's a quick overview of how Badge List works:
  1. #Create-a-learning-group - Either public or private.
  2. Invite other people to to join the group - As members or admins.
  3. Create badges - To represent achievements.
  4. Design requirements for each badge - Learners submit evidence for each requirement.
  5. Award the badges - Validate learner evidence or award the badge right away.
All badges are easy to display and share and are fully compatible with Mozilla's #OpenBadge framework.

Contact the Badge List team

  • You can send us a private email at either (for general questions) or (for assistance with tech stuff).
  • You can find us on twitter at

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Badge Experts


Shannon Harris


Badge awarded on 8/10/17

Badge Learners




Joined badge on 5/22/18



Joined badge on 11/15/17



Joined badge on 5/21/20

Alexis McPeek


Joined badge on 3/24/22

Amy Kim


Joined badge on 12/14/16

Andrea Campillo Gracia


Joined badge on 6/10/23

Anne Luong


Joined badge on 2/21/17

Antony Githuka


Joined badge on 6/6/16

Arjun Khanna


Joined badge on 7/16/20

Aziza Abdullaeva


Joined badge on 11/10/20

Balaji Chikkanayakanahalli Lavakumar


Joined badge on 5/25/22

Brandi Miller


Joined badge on 5/26/15