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Award a badge (or invite someone as a learner), then click on their face and copy the link of their progress log here.
To master this requirement award a badge to a student or colleague and post a link to the awardee's progress log below.

How to award a badge:

There are two ways to award a badge:
  1. Invite someone as a learner:  Go to the badge, scroll down to the Badge Learners section and click the Invite Learners button.  Learners will receive an invitation to join the badge and submit learning evidence at which point you can issue them the badge.
  2. Award the badge right away:  Go to the badge, scroll down to the Badge Experts section and click the Award the Badge button.  This will award the badge immediately without requiring the awardee to submit any evidence first.

All posted evidence

This is the link to see the two badges that I awarded.


Emilia Parker

saber23 About 2 years ago

Badge awarded

Co-Teachers / Co-Learn

Team Work awarded to Yesenia Ramos

Badge earners need to help each other by answering questions the others might have.
emorales4785 About 3 years ago

Evidence when I awarded this badge


Twitter Ninja: Advanced Level!

For being such an inspiration online for leaders and teachers! For sharing so much content for others to learn and creating a positive online network for so many educators. You are such an amazing role model!
menxueiro Almost 4 years ago

Azure Resources


Navigating within the web portal - Azure DevOps

The web portal for Azure DevOps is organized around a set of services, as well as administrative pages and several task-specific features such as the search box. The service labels differ depending on whether you work from Azure DevOps Services or Azure DevOps on-premises and it's version.
jp-devc About 4 years ago

we awarded the NESTT Guest badge to this student after she completed the tasks


NESTT Guest awarded to Demitra Novinger

By earning this badge you have demonstrated that you have visited the NESTT Learning Labs and completed 1 of the many activities in the lab
jmclausen Over 5 years ago

Badge requirement is to join out badge-list group.

Badge List


Micro-credentials for MCSS teachers
jennifermc Over 5 years ago

Feedback on awarded badge

Badge List Community

Blogger awarded to David Noller

This badge is awarded to anyone who writes about Badge List in a publicly accessible forum. We will keep the content in this badge!
wncneff Almost 6 years ago

Provided feedback when awarding a badge.

wncneff Almost 6 years ago

Congratulations, you are now a Science Fair Warrior and have completed the requirements successfully.

Science Fair Warriors

Science Fair Warrior awarded to Laura Rahe

If you have completed the requirements for this badge, you will be considered a "Science Fair Warrior".
shannon-harris Over 6 years ago

Ronald Rahe's Award

TJ Badges Training

Badge Proficient awarded to Ronald Rahe

To acquire this badge, I have demonstrated proficiency in making and using badges.
laura-rahe Over 6 years ago

Mike earned his first badge! Woo hoo! Working Group

Start Slack'n! (Seriously!) awarded to Mike Blois

Join the SLACK group we've created to facilitate our work:
cmoggia Over 6 years ago

One of my iPad teachers (guinea pig). In prep for next year.

mistab10 Almost 8 years ago