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Post a link to your badge.
To master this requirement you'll first need to #Create-a-learning-group, then you'll need to create your first badge and post a link to it below.

How to create a badge:

  1. Go to your learning group
  2. Click the New Badge button in the gray Badges bar near the top of your group's page.
  3. Fill out all of the required fields.
    1. Badge Name: Think of the badge name as a title which can be used to describe awardees of the badge. Make it catchy if possible. 
    2. Summary: Describe in less than 140 characters exactly what a person has done if they've earned this badge. This summary is not just for learners but also for the general public to understand what this badge means.
    3. Required Evidence: Write a list (one item per line) of the learning evidence required to earn this badge. Each line you enter will have its own requirement page where you can write a full page description (like the one you're reading right now) and browse submitted evidence.
    4. Badge Image: The fun part! This is where you build the image which will represent the badge when it is issued. You can use our built in badge image builder or you can upload your own image.
  4. That's it, the badge is created.  You can optionally add a Badge Overview which will be visible when people visit the badge.

All posted evidence

This is the link to the badge that I created.

Badge List

Tutorial Master - Beginner Training Group

This is a badge that shows you have learned the basics of Badge List.
saber23 About 2 years ago


Badge List

Intro to Dynamic Learning Maps - NYSAA

Overview of the Dynamics Learning Maps website and program.
jamie_schnaus Over 2 years ago

Teamwork badge

Badge List

Co-Teachers / Co-Learn

To join this group, first you need to sign in or create a new account.
emorales4785 About 3 years ago

EdCamp Organizer Organizers have a good attitude, they have a cheerful personalities, mutual respect, and shared enthusiasm for education.

Badge List

EdCamp Organizer - Role Models on Twitter

Organizers have a good attitude, they have a cheerful good will, mutual respect, and shared enthusiasm for education.
menxueiro Almost 4 years ago

Connect Web Portal Azure


Navigating within the web portal - Azure DevOps

The web portal for Azure DevOps is organized around a set of services, as well as administrative pages and several task-specific features such as the search box. The service labels differ depending on whether you work from Azure DevOps Services or Azure DevOps on-premises and it's version.
jp-devc About 4 years ago

red for ed

Badge List

#REDforED - #REDforED

Join the growing statewide movement of teachers standing in solidarity. Wear #REDforED on Wednesday #AZWhatIsThePlan
ben-roome About 5 years ago

This is the NESTT Guest Badge we created to practice with Badgelist

Badge List


By earning this badge you have demonstrated that you have visited the NESTT Learning Labs and completed 1 of the many activities in the lab
jmclausen Over 5 years ago

Final Project

Badge List

01. Create a Tableau Public Account - AP Statistics - Final Tableau Project

Create a free Tableau Public account and download the Tableau desktop software program.
hnjeon17 Over 5 years ago


yim-wai Over 5 years ago

The badge I created is our school system logo. Teachers and administrators will be required to join our group to earn this badge.

Badge List


Micro-credentials for MCSS teachers
jennifermc Over 5 years ago

This is the beginner badge participants will earn by the end of the workshop.

Badge List

Badge Beginner - PBSD Digital Badge Training

Show what you learned from the Digital Badge Technology Training.
kennedyga Almost 6 years ago

This is evidence that you have found 5 original Science Fair Questions or found ways to solve old problems in new ways.

Badge List

Science Fair Warrior - Science Fair Warriors

If you have completed the requirements for this badge, you will be considered a "Science Fair Warrior".
shannon-harris Over 6 years ago