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SIM 2021 Summary

This year's update was especially interesting, as we were online.  I appreciate all the support from all of the SIM PDers, FDLRS, and University of Kansas Center for Research on Learning.  It is an amazing group of people doing amazing things.  Thank you!
finestrategist1 10 months ago

Great Microcredential Clarification

It was great to get clarification on the microcredential process. I don't do this frequently enough to feel comfortable with the process. I actually watched portions of the recording multiple times. I also love the document that shows the difference in microcredential levels. I plan to share this with my graduate students who work at different levels with several strategies.

On that note...I really enjoyed hearing how others integrate SIM into their preservice courses. I wish I could have attended the session live versus watching the recording.
lypeterson About 1 year ago

Virtual Coaching: Flexible Professional Development Session

This was an interesting session I really enjoyed including the use of the HQPD Checklist.  It will be great to share with the Middle school team I work with as we prepare presentations for teachers.
mar1222 Over 1 year ago

Embedding SIM into our Special Education Teacher Licensure Program: Ensuring Quality and Competence

This was one of my favorite sessions of the SIMposium, and I would love to see more of this in Special Education programs across the nation. I am a Learning Strategies trainer and also serve as an assistant principal.  Over the last year, the Exceptional Children's Compliance Manager for my school and I have had numerous conversations about how to meet the needs of students and to intentionally grow them.  As a result, I am going to train some of our current teachers who serve the students in the Exceptional Children's program so that these teachers can begin targeting specific skills that students need.  When I think back to my own collegiate experiences, even graduate school, there are few experiences that I have that I can remember being specifically taught a strategy.  To have more teachers trained in SIM strategies equips them to immediately begin working with a wide variety of students. 
mgwilson Over 1 year ago

Conference Keynote: Education in Finland: What's in it (if anything) for American educators? - Dr. Olli-Pekka Malinen

The presentation by Dr. Malinen was fascinating. The education system in Finland has a lot to offer. I look forward to learning more about their philosophy on learning.
abowers Over 1 year ago

Strategic Tutoring for Parents and Others

The session presented by Mike and Tonya, Strategic Tutoring for Parents and Others, is yet another example of how the CRL redesigns to the times.  Typically modifications and adaptations come from the network of PDers, but this update comes as a response to the pandemic.  Parents have become their child's teacher in many circumstances and it is so difficult.  Some of the ideas that were suggested to Mike and Tonya will also be included in the updated version. I really liked the idea of a parent manual that has "tutoring" lessons for specific strategies.
retired6 Over 1 year ago

Literacy Leadership Teams and Accelerated Learning for All

The Literacy Leadership Teams and Accelerated Learning for All really has me thinking about how to support our schools in having regular and highly functional planning and collaboration time.
crenetij Over 1 year ago

All sessions attended were most interesting. Great job with choice selections!

drcarljrca Over 1 year ago

Re-imaging SIM: These Tools Stand the Test of Time - Helen Barrier & Rosemary Tralli

Re-imaging SIM: These Tools Stand the Test of Time session provided time for participants to investigate the revised SIM brochure, HLP crosswalk, and the SIM Near Pod overview. My breakout group answered questions about the HLP crosswalk and the joint notetaking Google doc.

The SIM brochure group shared the features of the updated brochure. I think the brochure is a great way to explain SIM to educators and parents. Another use I see is using it to get in the door to talk about SIM and discuss how the strategies or content enhancement routines can address a district's or school's learning needs. 

The HLP crosswalk is a great resource.  Educators involved in preservice education can use it with students. All of the crosswalks provide a resource for SIM PDers to go when they need to connect to a district's or school's current initiatives. For me, the concern that SIM  is one more thing being added to teachers' plates comes up frequently. The crosswalks will help me during discussions on how SIM fits with what teachers are already doing. Having all of this information at my fingertips is fantastic. 

I love, love, love the new SIM Nearpod Overview! Teachers will find it engaging and informative. I think the overview clearly communicates what SIM is all about in a short amount of time. I am looking forward to using it. 

I appreciate having all of these resources to use. Having all of this information ready to go saves so much time and allows me to focus my efforts on improving what I do as a SIM PDer.  

gkoenig Over 1 year ago

Education in Finland: What's in it (if anything) for American Educators? - Dr. Oli-Pekka Malinen

Dr. Oli-Pekka Malinen cleared up misconceptions about Finnish education and provided three thought-provoking suggestions for participants to consider. The myths Dr. Malinen busted addressed the concerns I have heard about their success, which according to some educators, nullify any application to American schools. The myth-busting led easily into his suggestions of what American educators might want to consider incorporating from the educational system in Finland. The ideas suggested involve schools and communities. He confirmed what I have thought about school improvement that it is an interwoven system. People's quality of life impacts schools, and the quality of education impacts life outcomes for students.  After his presentation, I am more informed, and I can better address how to improve our education system. 
gkoenig Over 1 year ago

Word Mapping A Vocabulary Building Strategy - Bonnie Palasak, Kimberlee Oakes, Rosemary Tralli, & Monica Harris

Thursday's all-day session on Word Mapping was time well spent. Not only having presenters with extensive experience delivering the strategy but the author who created it present added to the power of the session. I learned an extensive amount of information that will inform my practice. I appreciate all of the additional resources which will enhance my delivery with students and teachers. After the session, I feel much more confident about teaching the strategy. I can't thank Bonnie, Kimberlee, Rosemary, and Monica enough. 
gkoenig Over 1 year ago

2021 Virtual SIMposium checklist

gkoenig Over 1 year ago