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Your thoughts on Micro-Credentialing and SIM

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Post your answers to the following questions.
  • What are your thoughts about the new SIM micro-credential badge program?  
  • How will you use them in your practice?

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The key to use of badges for SIM PD is to identify the types of evidence which best demonstrate competence and ensure those are met.

I believe badges could be a critical piece to support the mission of increasing SIM implementation across the country and around the world.  As I've worked in some very rural areas of Florida, it has become evident to me that we must effectively leverage the power of technology to dismantle the isolation that can result in stagnation of educational practice.  In a time of shrinking resources, technological solutions can allow us to accomplish more with less.

In a state the size of Florida, distance can be a significant barrier to building capacity for expansion of SIM.  The current requirements for obtaining SIM PDer certification are not only rigorous but require a good deal of "in person" time with another certified PDer.  A badge system could serve as a reliable vehicle for the use of virtual observations and coaching to build capacity within schools and districts to continue and expand SIM implementation.

My main concern with the use of badges is ensuring that the earning of a badge demonstrates true competency and not just the completion of a certain list of requirements.  I think the trick to this is not only choosing the right kinds of evidence to be posted for each badge, but building inter-rater reliability amongst those awarding badges. The latter could certainly be the bigger challenge but would be crucial for the badge to be truly representative of competency.

As long as appropriate evidence can be determined, effectively shared and accurately evaluated, micro-credentialing through badges could be a great assest for expanding SIM implementation.


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