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Your thoughts on Micro-Credentialing and SIM

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Post your answers to the following questions.
  • What are your thoughts about the new SIM micro-credential badge program?  
  • How will you use them in your practice?

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Micro-credentialing is exciting! I'm making all sorts of connections!

Micro-credentialing will become an active, real time resume of my professional development
scolewhit Almost 9 years ago

Tech Integration Specialist in 1:1 iPad high school.

I am especially interested in taking this concept back to my high school in St. Paul.  I am the tech integration coordinator for the roll out of 1:1 devices at Harding High School.  I am excited to work with some teachers in applying micro credentials to their coursework.  I think that this would be a very engaging way to motivate and involve students in their learning.
motzel Almost 9 years ago

Micro-Credentialing is very exciting as we move towards more digital learning experiences.

aliceschmitges Almost 9 years ago

Micro-credentialing is going to provide multiple routes for educators to engage with SIM.

dgillam Almost 9 years ago

I have completed one badge, and this is my second.

sdaniello Almost 9 years ago

I'm not sure yet how this links to deepening teachers' professional development, but I am open to continuing to learn.

barbv Almost 9 years ago

Micro-Credentialing in SIM is great. Many teachers who are implementing various routines and strategies are masters at using them.

jerrin Almost 9 years ago

Love the idea and know it will be fun and challenging.

I love the concept, and at the same time, I know there will be a bit of a steep learning curve. I suppose I need to get on my hiking books....they are old friends. 
Technology is both amazing and challenging. I am looking forward to learning from this process that will keep me connected to others as well as organize my own artifacts in a fun and engaging way.
pattyke Almost 9 years ago

Happy and optimistic

Happy and optimistic although wondering about the thoughts from the network.
pattygraner Almost 9 years ago

It will be interesting to see if this concept takes off in education. We are so tied to our professional development certificate of hours.

rebeccaosco Almost 9 years ago

The process appears to provide clarity for SIM certification status, but not sure about the efficiency of using the information.

tom2literacy Almost 9 years ago

I think that this movement is important given the digital age.

francesi Almost 9 years ago