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Your thoughts on Micro-Credentialing and SIM

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Post your answers to the following questions.
  • What are your thoughts about the new SIM micro-credential badge program?  
  • How will you use them in your practice?

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Having a way to track all of this information is very helpful. It will help with networking. A way to track all professional development.

lmclachlan Over 8 years ago

This system will allow us to grow implementation and fidelity of SIM in VA. I am so excited to be here this week to learn more & share!

hbarrier Over 8 years ago

Micro-credentialing is a very exciting new way for states to recognize and support SIM teachers and PDers through out the state.

egibbs Over 8 years ago

I think this is going in the right direction. Right now, the pages could be a little more intuitive.

boudahd Over 8 years ago

I think this recognition of learning and accomplishments that is easily shared will promote discussion and collaboration among colleagues.

kojile Over 8 years ago

Great idea - both to track what has been accomplished, but also to see opportunities available to continue to grow professionally.

Looking forward to learning more about this and how to maximize use of this.  Thanks for all of the work that has gone into developing this.
mcrane Over 8 years ago

This will provide experienced/competent teachers with documentation to share and collaborate with other team members.

justlearn Over 8 years ago

Tech Love!

I'm so glad to see SIM heading into the 21st century in this way!  I have consistently heard from teachers that they want more tech alongside SIM, so this is a way to include digital aspects in their training.  I also was excited about the inspiration it gives for use within the classroom.  #DObebadgeful
mbentz Over 8 years ago

I like the concept of badges for giving credit. I think it makes for a good portfolio.

rodriguezb Over 8 years ago

The micro-credential system will allow more access to professional learning.

I am excited that we will be able to honor the teacher leaders in our schools that teach SIM. In addition, many professionals in our district would be more willing to work toward badges for specific strategies, but have not committed to participating in the traditional Potential PD Institute.

abowers Over 8 years ago

Micro-credentials aligns with the trends in college and career readiness

As we re-evaluate grading policies (move to content based), the implementation of CCRS (college and career readiness standards) and CTE (Career Technical Education) courses at secondary, we must consider the new the trajectory of our students.  There has been a tangible shift over the past decade away from just "graduation" but instead, we focus on our students leaving public education with a specific skill set ready to purposefully contribute to their community with a bona-fide, genuine capacity.    The concept of Micro-credentialling aligns with this shift and makes sense for educators and students.
tericlement Over 8 years ago

Micro-credentaling is awesome!

MCing is great because it shows who has the expertise in different areas and use them as a resource. This would be awesome to use with staff no even students. Student love achievement in the gaming world.
lrklima Over 8 years ago