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Get Updated: SIM Online Assets for PDers: Jocelyn Washburn

Having been out of the loop for a while, this was a great session to be refreshed in the familiar and updated in all things new with SIM!  It gave me an opportunity to explore the new web pages/sites and update my own directory information.  This session was also effective in reigniting my passion for SIM that I hope to bring into a new position for next school year! Nice job, Jocelyn!
kdcody96 5 days ago

2021 SIMposium: Get Updated! SIM Online Assets for Professional Developers - Jocelyn Washburn

Jocelyn's webquest and presentation were so valuable! With the wealth of content on the KUCRL website, having a refresher on what's there and how to find what you need is invaluable, especially with all the changes!
terri-lent 11 days ago


I was glad that there was a session that explained more about the Science of Reading.  I have been hearing about this for several months, but I did not know much about it.  It was helpful to go through a video about what the Science of Reading entails.  The handout was also beneficial as it provides an overview of the components that make up the research in this initiative.  It was helpful to discuss how SIM learning strategies and Content Enhancement Routines fit into this body of research and address many aspects of the reading and writing process that is needed to develop these comprehensive skills. 
tforseth 14 days ago


This session was very interesting because we were shown how pre-service teachers were trained to use the Proficiency in Sentence Writing.  Students were required to show video evidence of the model stage and reflect on their learning.  There was a lot that I took away from this session as it pertains to coaching teachers in implementing the writing strategies! It was helpful to hear what worked and what needed to be changed or improved.  It was also interesting to learn about what the students thought of the assignment/experience.
tforseth 14 days ago

All sessions

All of the sessions so far have been helpful and provided new information that I could use in my work.  I appreciated the keynote with information about the Finnish educational system and the values surrounding their environmental organization.  I appreciated the information from Jocelyn to update our overviews around the SIM work. Thank you all for the work that provides excellent information to support our work with SIM!
marystowe12 4 months ago

Keynote: Dr. Olli-Pekka Malinen, What if anything can we learn from Finnish Education?

I really enjoyed the Keynote about the Finnish school system. I was amazed at how far 35,000 could go in certain Finland areas. I was absolutely floored at how many potential teachers they had who wanted to go into the teaching profession. His myth busters were great. Very thought provoking on may levels. 
denise-bailey1 4 months ago

Food for Thought brown bay session with Don Dehsler was wonderful and did a masterful job at connecting our why/our purpose

ddp 4 months ago

Meeting High Quality PD Indicators in Virtual SIM Workshops

I found this session to be very informative because it explored six of the High Quality PD Observation Checklist indicators and how what they look/sound like in a virtual professional development session. The examples, suggestions, and resources will be very helpful in planning future PD sessions.  
cdfraw926 4 months ago

SIM Online Assets for PDers

What a great session to review the differences between Stratenotes, Strateworks, StratePubs, StrateGram, and StrateDirectory. : )  Also, it was so helpful to review what is new and to see the wealth of resources available to PDers. 
cdfraw926 4 months ago

Keynote speaker

I enjoyed the keynote session and learning about education in Finland. It was interesting to hear the comparison with US schools and his perspective: focus on collaboration instead of competition, invest in equity and maintain the status of the teaching profession. 
cdfraw926 4 months ago

Finland Keynote Speaker

I loved the Keynote Speaker and his Myth Busters. His comparisons of how much teaching occurs in Finland as opposed to the US was interesting. The salary comparison was also thought provoking in many ways. It would appear low 35,000-60,000 but as he explained free Health Care and other built in Government subsidies allow for 35,000 to go a long way. 
denise-bailey 4 months ago

Food for Thought with Don Deshler

Do NOT miss this presentation! It is wonderful and very meaningful. Certainly applicable to each of our lives.
Great job Don, I am so glad I took the time to listen to this presentation. Thank you.
chpeterson 4 months ago