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Using Cause and Effect for Theme Writing P. Graner

The power point was most helpful for this session. Following the conversations was difficult- I could, of course hear Patti, but I could not hear the comments of participants. Since this was a more hands-on session, it was not as easy to glean the information.However, I am familiar enough with Cause and Effect that I did appreciate the information.
met Over 4 years ago

The Content Enhancement Approach Jean's session

This session was truly informative for bringing the dat more up to date. The data will be most helpful when talking to administrators about what students- all students- can achieve in their content areas.I was most surprised by the data that shows that the virtual sessions can be just as effective as face to face!! One comment made was that this would allow more time for supporting teachers and coaching them through difficult areas. I also think that administrators will appreciated the fact that there is less expense and that they will get good results for their students.
met Over 4 years ago

SIM Virtual Update Micro-Credential completion 3/17/2020

shellymackall1 Over 4 years ago

Dyslexia and SIM

SC developed a series of dyslexia modules that all teachers had to complete for recertification. The areas of concern though, still remain in the appropriate reading programs for teachers to use. The discussion reinforced what we do know- there is no one program for all situations'.The information from this session will be helpful to the task force that has now been set up to review and monitor programs and delivery of strategies that teacher around the state are using.The various programs discussed will be shared with members of the team here so that instruction can be improved for our students.
met Over 4 years ago