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October, 2020.

I worked throughout October, 2020 with the online sessions/materials and completed the virtual update process on October 28, 2020 via attendance at the virtual session.  
strumbo Almost 3 years ago

Virtual Update Activities Completed

I completed the following for the conference:

Watched the welcome videos on the home screen

Watched the following videos:

2019 Keynote: Paula Lancaster: SIM and HLPs 
2019 SIMposium: Co-teaching to Support Students with Learning and Behavioral Needs, Brasser-Hock & Zimmerman
2019 SIMposium: Teaching Decision Making: A New Higher Order Reasoning CE Routine - Jan Bulgren
2019 Conference: Online Possible Selves - Mike Hock, Kelsey Ortiz

Examined prework assignments for the Integrated CERs Across All Math Learning Environments session

Watched the 2019 SIMposium: Implementing Writing with the Teaching Cause and Effect Routine

Completed the 4-part HLP Webquest, bookmarked the Websites and downloaded pdfs from Ceedar and CEC

Completed the SIM Online Assets Webquest

Attended the live conference sessions on 10/28 including the breakout session "Math Integrated Content Enhancement Routines Across All Learning Environments

Completed the post conference survey

Also, I just submitted my Strateworks renewal today, 10/28
dminarik Almost 3 years ago

October 28, 2020

lmmurphybrown Almost 3 years ago

Virtual Conference has been Completed

- completed all of the pre-conference work
- attended the virtual conference via Zoom on 10/28/2020
- submitted the post-conference evaluation
reddingas Almost 3 years ago


I attended the conference on 10/28/2020 via Zoom.
bfenwick Almost 3 years ago


cleague Almost 3 years ago

I completed the pre conference work that was asynchronous, attended the live conference, and just submitted the final evaluation.

cbeachboard Almost 3 years ago

I completed the all of the requirements for the Virginia Virtual conference.

tonya-hanks Almost 3 years ago

I have completed all preconference requirements.

I completed all of the required preconference activities:

KUCRL Webquest
HLP Webquest
Addressing Dyslexia with SIM video
Supporting Secondary Teachers in Literacy with SIM Content Enhancement Routines article
The Reading League Video Overview of the Science of Reading
The Science of Reading, Evidence for a New Era of Reading Instruction White Paper
read and posted in the discussion board
cbuckle8 Almost 3 years ago

May 8, 2020

I participated in the webinar on May 7 and completed by overall evaluation on May 8, 2020.
asereneh Over 3 years ago

May 8, 2020

After the webinar today I will complete the overall conference evaluation and then submit
tericlement Over 3 years ago

Completion Date: May 4, 2020

All required components of the conference and evaluations were complete on May 4, 2020.
martingk Over 3 years ago