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October 28, 2020

shelley Over 2 years ago

I completed all required pre-conference sessions and attended the conference on October 28th.

sim2020 Over 3 years ago

SIM Update Components completed

I completed the entire 2020 Virtual NE Update Checklist, including watching all breakout sessions, completing activities related to those, and all other activities listed (WebQuest, Explore, etc.). I participated fully on October 28 for all live sessions.  I have also completed the post-conference evaluation.  Thanks for a great conference!
kturner63 Over 3 years ago

SIM Northeast Update Components Completed

All pre-conference assignments including readings, videos, and webquests have been completed.  Attendance at the live conference was completed.
martingk Over 3 years ago

Learning Tasks Completed

  • Completed readings, downloads and WebQuest on HLPs and watched Paula Lancaster's Keynote.
  • Completed all the pre-conference assignments for the Writing breakout session.
  • Watched the Co-teaching breakout session
  • Watched the Dyslexia breakout session
  • Completed the SIM Online Assets WebQuest
  • Participated in the on-line conference on October 28, 2020, including the Writing Tools breakout conference
  • Participated in discussions both before and during the Zoom conference
  • Completed Post-Conference Evaluation
demossburg Over 3 years ago

I completed the requirements for the SIM Northeast Update Virtual Conference.

Here are the completed tasks:
  • Joined the SIM Virtual Update Micro-Credential
  • Visited and reviewed the Recognitions
  • Completed the HLP WebQuest
  • Viewed Paula Lancaster video
  • Viewed video: Creating an Instructional Playbook for SIM
  • Viewed video: Virtual Instructional Coaching
  • Completed prework for the SIM and the Science of Reading breakout session (e.g., viewed video with Laura Stewart, read the Science of Reading white paper)
  • Completed the SIM Online Assets WebQuest
  • Attended and participated in the Zoom meeting on Thursday October 28, 2020
  • Completed the Post Conference Evaluation
cdfraw926 Over 3 years ago

Completion 10/28/2020

I attended the preconference with my SIM cohort. We completed the the assignments individually. I then attended the SIM Live conference on 10/28/2020. 
shawn-scali Over 3 years ago

I attended the SIM conference virtually on October 28,2020 and completed all the prework from October 1-28th.

I attended the SIM conference virtually from 9:30- 2:00.
I attended the break out session on writing.I completed the pre-work for the session as well as attended two other break out sessions, read articles and watched the key note and introduction videos.
ddp Over 3 years ago

I completed assignments on 10/28/2020.

ivy21 Over 3 years ago

I completed the preconference assignments and attended the virtual conference on 10/28/2020

terri-lent Over 3 years ago

SIM Update October 28, 2020

I attended the 2020 Northeast SIM Update on October 28, 2020 via ZOMM. 
In the month of October, I completed all pre-conference assignments. 
- Dyslexia Presentation by Bev Columbo
- This is KURL 
- Jam Board
-Reading League Video, Laura Stewart
- Added thoughts to Discussion Assignment Tabs
- Read the "The Science of Reading, Evidence for a New Era of Reading Instruction, Laura Stewart
- Read Supporting Secondary Teachers in Literacy with SIM, Jennifer McMahan
- HLPs and SIM Keynote Presentation
- To refresh I, Reviewed HLPs for General and Special Education Teachers 
- To refresh I, visited the Teaching Works and CEDAR Center Websites
- I attended live Zoom Conference on October 28 with my focus being the reading stand
deniseb Over 3 years ago


I completed all pre-conference work, and I attended the virtual conference on October 28, 2020
whm2378 Over 3 years ago