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Mabel on Twitter

openbadges If you're a future or current teacher, I recommend badge list as an interactive student website to use in your classroom!
mbarraza26 Over 6 years ago

In this blog post I detail many of the issues with current credentials and how Open Badges can address these problems.


It's Time to Re-think Credentials... Here's How.

If you have a diploma of some kind, where is it? For some of us this is not an easy question. I found my Bachelor's degree here (see below). Right next to our toy vault full of laundry quarters and...
kyle-clements Over 6 years ago

A blog post on the OpenWorm badge system (also published as a modified cross-post to the OpenWorm blog by Dr. Chee-Wai Lee).


Learning by Doing, Where Doing is Earning Badges

As a member of the OpenWorm Foundation community committee ( see previous post), we have been trying to find a means of engaging potential contributors within the context of the various projects. One type of activity is the Badge, a bite-sized [1] learning opportunity that we plan to use as both certifications of competency and concrete goals for the various projects.
balicea About 7 years ago


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zimmermannja About 7 years ago
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In the course of my recent volunteer work with the OpenWorm community, I've had the opportunity to explore the use of Badges as a community tool to establish digital credentials for members of the community.<br />
<br />
The basic concept of Badges comes from an education perspective. The idea is to permit an open and transparent method of acknowledging one's online course credentials after completing courses, tutorials, and the like. For organizations like OpenWorm, it has the secondary benefit of being a way to identify expert mentors whom new volunteers could approach for help in appropriate technical domains.<br />
<br />
As an open science organization, OpenWorm (<a href=""></a>) has started to make use of Badge List (<a href=""></a>) for this purpose. And the purpose of this blog post was simply to test the embedding of earned badges from Badge List into a blog. I figured the prior long exposition on badges and digital credentials might make this a more meaningful post :).<br />
<br />
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cheewai1972 About 7 years ago

Hi everyone!

Hi everyone!
archimedix About 7 years ago


Olá, como estão?
wesllen Over 7 years ago

What should u know about the badge lists

well it's a good way to have our schools work organize and to be responsible in a fun ways. This make kids to encourage and push themselves to eran all their badges. It's something that will be able to have fun in many ways.
gracie47 Over 7 years ago
catherine Over 7 years ago

3 things every college student should know

credit- Michael Roth President of Wesleyn
jfox39 Over 7 years ago


I run a testing and training center for Salt Lake Community College, in Salt Lake City, Utah . I am a self support, revenue generating index for the college. As part of the Autodesk Authorized Training  Center (ATC), we offer industry certification thru my testing center from Certiport. We used to offer Autodesk certification in the cadlab  and look forward to this new partnership With Autodesk & Certiport. Autodesk will reward test candidates with a badge link to their Linkedin account.I am looking at other open badges since most of the people I test are working professionals- not students. Look forward to promoting badges in the workplace environment.

jfox39 Over 7 years ago
Gamification is a relatively new concept in education. It is something that we can use to motivate students and teachers to be their very best and to pursue extrinsic rewards with our badges. I have decided to try out gamification with the teachers at Mar Vista Academy because I think they will benefit from this type of professional development.
Badge List is a web based platform that allows users to create badges and to submit evidence to earn these badges. I have created a Badge List learning group for Mar Vista Academy teachers to learn about different technology tools that can better themselves and better their classroom practices. At the beginning of the 2015-2016 school year I will have approximately 30 badges available for teachers to earn.  These badges range from technology tools to iPad apps to classroom message. There’s even a badge for guest bloggers on this block. Teachers who are interested in earning a badge simply sign up for badge list, join the learning group, and click on the badge they are interested in earning. Users then submit evidence for each component of the batch. This evidence could be a link to a student product a written explanation, or a picture.
In the future I hope to expand badges to Google tools and for more advanced creation such as teachers creating their own tutorials.
I also will create badges for parents to learn about the different technology tools that we had at Mar Vista Academy. From feedback from parents they would prefer online trainings to in person sessions because online meets their busy scheduling needs. Badges for parents will include the different tools we use at school such as canvas and Jupiter, ways to manage technology at home, and sample student products.
Reflecting back on this badge creating process I have learned a lot for myself. One of the coolest things that I have gotten experience with is Google draw. Google draw is a simple way to create graphics and illustrations that is user-friendly and does not rely on a large skill set of programs such as Photoshop. For a graphic designing newbie such as myself Google draw was easy to learn and easy to use. I enjoyed creating each and every badge that you see in our Badge List learning group.

Check out our BadgeLIst learning group: 
1. Go to 
2. Sign up for BadgeList and join our learning group "MVA Viking Teachers"
3. Click on the badge “Badge Beginner”
4. Click on “Post Text” in the required evidence section and follow the instructions there
I will then review your evidence and award you the badge. 

Here are some sample badges you can earn: 
(images are inserted on the blog post)

mvavikingstech Over 8 years ago