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Write a blog post about #openbadges or @Badgelist and provide a link to the page.

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I wrote a blog post about the use of digital badges and professional development with teachers!

Miss Emily

Professional DEVELOPMENT wiith digital badges

Recently I have been looking into digital badges more. I think their use is really interesting and can provide a lot of new pathways for students and teachers to show their skills. By using digital...
emily-wolford Over 1 year ago

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sanjaysharma Over 1 year ago

Badges are fun and different. Still learning about them but i guess its always fun to learn about something knew.


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latrell1020 Over 1 year ago

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Digital Remedy

The Platform - Digital Remedy

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miss_aziza777 Over 1 year ago

Educational Badges are touted as an alternative assessment that can increase learner motivation.

I have 4 badges to earn win all of them get new badge the king

Article on badges

Girl Scout Blog

BIG NEWS: 42 New Girl Scout Badges to Change the World

The new programming allows girls to make their own choices about how they want to experience and influence the world while preparing them to address some of society's most pressing needs through hands-on learning and real-life problem-solving in cybersecurity, coding, space exploration, and citizen science. But wait, there's more!
abir12 About 2 years ago

Un video sobre insignias badges education educativas


Insignias badges educativas estimulo de estudiantes

Visite un video :
josedelarosa About 2 years ago

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