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I am mentoring two school girls from surrounding Madurai. From Jan to till this date i am doing with my team


metoomentor (@metoomentor) | Twitter

The latest Tweets from metoomentor (@metoomentor): "Thank you @shuttersketz team support to organize @Technovation madurai regional pitch event @TechnovationIn @YourStoryCo @nasscom https://t.co/Kkm7Khmj4b"
chathish181992 About 7 years ago

Open group for the #OnlineTeacherSummit

Badge List

Online Teacher Summit

paulino-brener Over 7 years ago

This badge is for my teachers to earn as part of their professional learning on second language acquisition.

Badge List

Nature of Language - K-12 Second Language Acquisition

The Nature of Language is surprising and counter-intuitive
rocketlanguage Over 7 years ago

Successfully completed the modules and assessment associated with Chromebook Fundamentals

APS 1:World Professional Development

Chromebook Fundamentals awarded to Carrie Evans

Successfully completed the modules and assessment associated with Chromebook Fundamentals
carrie Over 7 years ago

We borrowed several badges from the WVU Vikings for our own gamified PD.

Badge List

Badges 4 Bears

Scroll through the pages & choose the badges you want to earn. Be prepared to share on Twitter #Badges4Bears to inspire other educators.
woltermanl Over 7 years ago

EdCamp Columbus Fall 2016

Badge List

EdCamp Columbus | Ohio

Badges for attending EdCamps around Columbus or Ohio.
ed-jones Over 7 years ago

Badge for Map Visualization mastery

Badge List

Map Visualization - Analyzing Public Data with Tableau

Create a map visualization using geodata in Tableau Public.
drhandran Over 7 years ago

Professional Development: Elementary, middle and high school coding courses - in-person and online.


Educator Overview

Our middle school offerings include modules to integrate CS into Algebra and Science. We are working on a new course to release in 2017.
bps_badges Almost 8 years ago

This is a simple test badge I created to learn the system. My hope is to use this system for our teachers.

scarr9808 About 8 years ago

#TwitterNinjas find personalized learning opportunities, share resources, coach and connect over twitter with other educators and parents.

menxueiro About 8 years ago

Got my badge group list ready for next year. Excited to use this site!

mistab10 Over 8 years ago

Finished First Five badge


Finished First Five - Resonance Innovation Fellowship 2016 - Badge List

To join this badge, first you need to sign in or create a new account.
inventingzone Over 8 years ago