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This badge is awarded to only the most committed Badge List users; those who have created thriving learning communities.

Required Evidence

Create a thriving learning community

We want to see a group with 20 active users who have earned 5 different badges with custom badge images. Link to your group and show everyone how its done! More Info

Spread the word!

As a community leader you've told people about Badge List, Mozilla Open Badges, and your badge group. Link to three tweets that contain one each of the following: #openbadges, @badgelist and a link to your badge group. More Info

Share your vision

As a community leader you have a vision for the future of digital credentials. Post a few paragraphs on what you believe badges are most useful now and how you see them being used in the future. More Info

Badge Experts


Cyara LeNise Thompson


Badge awarded on 3/3/21

Ms. Venturino


Badge awarded on 11/12/15

Patty Graner


Badge awarded on 5/9/17

Sandra Gilbert


Badge awarded on 2/15/17

Badge Learners


victoria cornell


Joined badge on 9/25/21



Joined badge on 3/1/21

wanderleya bermeo


Joined badge on 6/12/22