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As a community leader you have a vision for the future of digital credentials. Post a few paragraphs on what you believe badges are most useful now and how you see them being used in the future.

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las credenciales digitales validan las habilidades y competencias en el mundo laboral y la educación.

Como líder de la comunidad, creo que las credenciales digitales tienen un papel cada vez más importante en la sociedad y el mundo laboral. Actualmente, las insignias son útiles para validar y demostrar las habilidades y logros de un individuo en una variedad de áreas, desde la educación y la formación profesional hasta las habilidades técnicas y las competencias sociales.

Sin embargo, creo que el verdadero potencial de las credenciales digitales se encuentra en su capacidad para transformar la forma en que se evalúan y validan las habilidades y competencias en el mundo laboral.En el futuro, creo que las credenciales digitales serán ampliamente utilizadas para identificar y valorar de manera más precisa las habilidades y logros de un individuo en su carrera, permitiendo a las empresas y otros patrones tomar decisiones más informadas sobre el personal y la contratación.

Además, creo que las credenciales digitales serán un elemento clave en la creación de un sistema de educación y formación más personalizado y adaptable. Los estudiantes y profesionales podrán acumular y demostrar una amplia variedad de habilidades y logros a lo largo de su vida, permitiéndoles establecer un camino profesional más diverso y flexible.
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giving back to the community

I am a zumba instructor. That can be verified through zumba,com. I also, hold charity events for surrounding communities, as well as making donations from our proceeds to those in need. 
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Ess' Essential Wellness Community Leader

Ess' Essential is a small business that uses a combination of aromatherapy, sensory, and mindful meditation to help bring awareness to the importance of living a wellness lifestyle (Mind,Body, Spirit). "Close your eyes and imagine walking into an open space. You get a whiff of a fresh, natural aroma and somehow the weight of the day has been lifted off off of your shoulders. There is sense of healing in the atmosphere that you just want to be apart of."

Being the founder, I have over 4 years of experience using and studying essential oils along with the many health benefits they bring to the mind and bodies of the human race. The community is fairly small because we're in the beginning stages of developing a strong foundation. The vision is create a space to get away from the stresses of everyday life, whether it be work, school, family, the objective is to set aside time to enter a space where we can learn how to put our wellness goals first and be supported by a community with a common goal in mind. You can follow Ess' Essential on Instagram @essessential to see more about the objectives for the community.

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Engagement & Reward

Students are digitally savvy, but giving them the reward of badges is like our childhood of being at Guides or Scouts collecting badges! I hope this modern approach of awarding badges for effort and achievement motivates students to work hard, focus and also achieve!
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Its The Computer Science Revolution on this Planet Introducing Todays an few Lines About my through Vision From over The World

I hope We can change the World Within The genius People Have in computer Science Technology so Its an real great opportunity to each one to connect directly with The most Contains and Teacher you 've 
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A partial explanation for our Network of professional developers about why micro-credentials.

 SIM Micro-credential Background Educators engage in continuous learning from the beginning of their careers through each year thereafter. Formalized, continuing education and district sanctioned in-service via formal professional learning are recognized within systems; however the application of that learning, the job-embedded learning in which they engage, and the competencies that they gain may not be recognized during their employment or into their next job. One way to recognize learning and implementation of new knowledge and expertise is through micro-credentialing.  A micro-credential can function as a signal within and outside of the system of the educational investment made by an educator.  An incremental, cohesive approach makes some credentials obtainable after a single activity, while others are “prerequisites” that constitute a more advanced credential. Each represents an element of a comprehensive concept of “mastery,” (Diamond & Gonzalez, 2014).   The Strategic Instruction Model (SIM) Challenge Each year, hundreds of professionals learn and implement SIM Learning Strategies and/or Content Enhancement Routines nationally and internationally. These teachers have reported using the tools successfully with students and expressed a desire to share the tools with others in their school or system. Unfortunately, the current SIM certification structure does not recognize the learning in which they engage. Currently, only ‘certified’ SIM professional developers are able to purchase the materials and instruct others in the use these complex tools.
One solution
The KUCRL has developed a micro-credentialing system through that can address the SIM certification issue. These micro-credentials are not just pictures of badges. Clicking on the micro-credential reveals detailed evidence and artifacts illustrating what the holder of the credential can do. The micro-credential can be made public via Linked In, Twitter, Facebook or on a Mozilla Backpack. A school or teacher can feature them on their websites; the credential URL can be shared on vitae and resumes. The system recognizes individuals’ effort(s), promotes the continuation and spread within a school or system that has made an investment in SIM professional development, and most importantly, ensures that students continue to have access to the SIM evidence-based interventions and tools that can make a difference in their school and life success. Professionals can earn a micro-credential in any of the SIM tools. A learner’s participation, gathered evidence, artifacts, and coaching from a SIM professional developer can lead to expert implementation and a micro-credential. Badges have been developed as a means of officially recognizing the micro-credential at various levels. The badge icon will serve as external proof of knowledge and skills gained by the educator.
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My vision for #openbadges is a world where people are able to track celebrate their learning achievements throughout their entire life.

Open badges have the potential to be a powerful learning tool used by everyone in the world. Not only can open badges help to show exactly what skills and competencies a person has acquired through learning, they can also serve as illuminated markers on the path to success.

In future iterations of Badge List users will be able to earn "pathway badges," or badges that are earned at the end of a lengthier learning cycle. When educators or administrators build a pathway badge, they can guide learners through the knowledgespace by inviting them to earn all the relevant badges in a pathway.

Although Badge List offers a portfolio functionality right now, we are building features that will allow learners to pull items from their workstream on many different platforms. Advanced learning portfolios will allow me to display my learning evidence to anyone who wants to see it.

In the longer term, badges have the potential to structure entire learning communities, displaying different levels of expertise and offering different privileges based on demonstrated expertise. Badges will also help to bridge the gap between higher ed and employment, making it easier to fill job roles with the right candidate. Finally, badges have the power to help the world generate expertise more quickly by helping people to more efficiently verify new expertise as it appears.
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Badge give consumer evidence of accomplishments.

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