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Your thoughts on Micro-credentialing and SIM

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Post your responses to the following questions:
  • What are your thoughts about the new SIM micro-credential badge program?
  • How will you use them in your practice?

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The creation of the Micro-credentialing system is an excellent use of time, resources and instruction for SIM by KU- CRL.

janut1952 Over 6 years ago

It's a good way to update acquired skills. The best aspect of it is the efficiency of attaining Specialist.

dcole1962 Over 7 years ago

Micro-credentialing will facilitate teachers learning from teachers and passing it on. I think this was an excellent idea.

ehardman Over 7 years ago

Micro-credentialing will increase our capacity to train and teach learning strategies and content enhancement routines.

As I learn more about micro-credentialing, I am becoming excited about the possibilities.  It will allow our KU Team to increase its capacity by having new team members specialize with specific strategies.  It will allow me an option to become a specialist in a few routines.
jlmeyer Over 7 years ago

I'm excited about this new tool for teachers and potential professional developers.

bdowney Over 7 years ago

I believe that it has great potential to help maintain strands of Content Enhancement or Learning Strategy.

There are many excellent teachers who do not want to be pders, but who could be "honored" and empowered to share their expertise in specific areas.
tblakeslee Over 7 years ago


This is an interesting concept, and one I am curious to look into further, especially how it might relate to classroom use.  One question I have is how this might interact with standards-based grading.  
rosed Over 7 years ago

Acquiring and documenting proficiencies.

For PDers, this would be a good way to add credentials without having to qualify for a vast array at once.

Can PDers certify teachers at the lower levels?  and how do they do that?

In classes it is a good way to document mastery of topics.

chrisnoel Over 7 years ago

Micro-credentialing and SIM

It is definitely necessary to devote some time to navigating the Badge website and requesting badges, but it is simple to use once familiar with the website. I can see how teachers would be motivated to implement the strategies in order to earn badges for attending training, implementation and fidelity of implementation in Learning Strategies or Content Enhancement 
presley Over 7 years ago

Micro-credentialing will be a way of recording our work as professional developers as a time stamp of evidence.

millieolsen Over 7 years ago

This will take some practice and planning in order to use effectively.

mhanneman Over 7 years ago


This is an interesting way to get our information out to districts who are interested in PD.
syoungers Over 7 years ago