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Participating in New York State Teacher Centers’ 10 week Equity Challenge will introduce you to equity and how it impacts students and families. This work will support educators as they build local ecosystems of success. This badge corresponds with the activities in Week 5.

Required Evidence

Stretching Our Thinking

Choose one of the options. Tell which option you chose and describe something that resonated with you from that selection. More Info


Reflect on and answer the following questions: How do you experience privilege and marginalization? Who sees themselves and their own lives reflected in our curriculum and our classroom materials? How might you use your own privilege to make your classroom and school more equitable? More Info


Conduct an equity audit of your own curriculum, materials, or classroom library. Identify inequities & strive to correct them. The Culturally Responsive Education Curriculum Scorecard can help you get started. Share an artifact (text, link, image, file, or tweet) that shows evidence of your action. More Info

Badge Overview

New York State Teacher Centers- Thinking About Equity Weekly Challenge Materials:

Week 5: Privilege: https://bit.ly/EquityChWeek5

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