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Share evidence of your participation in #CLMOOC 2016. You might upload a link to a make you created, or a Hangout you viewed, or a tweet you wrote. In the spirit of #CLMOOC, you choose the evidence of your participation.

All posted evidence

This tweet has a link to my untroduction blog post to #clmooc 2016. That post documents some of my participation so far.


(((Joe Dillon))) on Twitter

I untroduced myself 2 #clmooc w/ Pokemon in 2015, too. Clairvoyant or coincident? U decide ... #PokemonGO @onewheeljoe
onewheeljoe About 8 years ago

A process post for using a tool to turn text into music


Process Notes: Turning Text into Music

My friend, Wendy, reminded me in our Google Plus community of a site that allows you to input text and it will convert the text into a musical composition with a companion music file. This is how I did it this morning with a short bit I wrote.
dogtrax About 8 years ago

This is the Google Group I joined for CLmooc 2016


Connected Learning MOOC (#clmooc) - Community - Google+

CLMOOC 2016 is going NOW (as of July 10, 2016), and it's not too late to join. CLMOOC is a collaborative, knowledge-building and sharing experience open to anyone interested in making, playing, and learning together about the educational framework known as Connected Learning.
ronald_2008 About 8 years ago

My blog



Yesterday Daniel posted a link to last year's CLMooc Google map, and that prompted me to set one up for this year (link here if the embed does not work) To pin yourself to this map, navigate to where you live then click on the 'pin' icon and then click on the Google Map.
nomadwarmachine About 8 years ago