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Share evidence of your participation in #CLMOOC 2016. You might upload a link to a make you created, or a Hangout you viewed, or a tweet you wrote. In the spirit of #CLMOOC, you choose the evidence of your participation.

All posted evidence

I worked with Ron L. and Kevin H. to revive the badge program for CLMOOC. This Badgelist group reflects our accomplishments.


Get your badge!

Do you like badges? Then you'll love this. Last week Lauren Zucker asked if CLMOOC 2016 was planning on issuing a badge for participation, and when she found out there were no plans to do so, she stepped up to make it all happen.
lgzreader Over 7 years ago

Mini lesson on remixing and licensing of shared material

algotruneman Over 7 years ago

Planting in the Answer Garden


Wendy Taleo on Twitter

I planted in the Answer Garden for a #dailyconnect in #clmooc
wendy-taleo Over 7 years ago

CLMOOC An Introduction "I Hardly Know"


#CLMOOC Introduction for 2016 A remix he...

CLMOOC Introduction for 2016 A remix here courtesy of @dogtrax
wendy-taleo Over 7 years ago

Have you ever told a student to stop doodling and pay attention? Maybe the doodle was their strategy to stay engaged.


Connecting World Emoji Day, #CLMOOC, and Doodling

I recently read Holly Korbey's article "Books Teachers Share: Inspired to Join the Doodle Revolution" on MindShift and thought about all the times I've told students to stop doodling and start paying attention. I thought about all the times I caught myself marking up the margins of a notepad with random swirlies and curly cues.
buistbunch Over 7 years ago

Facilitated Make Cycle 2 Twitter Chat :)


#CLMOOC Twitter Chat 2 (with images, tweets) ยท dogtrax

This is a curated version of the second Twitter Chat of CLMOOC 2016. The theme of the Make Cycle was Reciprocation with Generosity. Discussion topics ranged from remix to ownership to play and beyond.
moshie217 Over 7 years ago

This is the link to my untroduction tweet in the first week of #clmooc


Sue Tucker on Twitter

Check out my Popplet! A little snippet of who I am - but there's much more to me than this: #clmooc
sueinasp Over 7 years ago

a retweet of a tweet with additions.


Ray Maxwell on Twitter

Using @NomadWarMachine's cool TAGSExplorer tool, ..., I reciprocated with gratitude to a dozen colleagues. #clmooc
ray1406 Over 7 years ago

My introduction for CLMOOC 16 using ComicMaker app. People noticed North Dakota State, Marley-dog and my choice of charature.


Here's my humble submission II. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I love my OOPS cards! (I did not check the...

Here's my humble submission II. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I love my OOPS cards! (I did not check the opacity on my first try.) I hope it is readable now! Even this goof-up is... - Karon Bielenda - Google+
bielendak Over 7 years ago

The "Found Poetry" collaborative slideshow I created for participants to honor other participants' ideas and words In poetry

Google Docs

clmooc 2016 Found Poetry

Found Poetry
sheri42 Over 7 years ago

This is a collection of blog posts I've written about my participation in the CLMOOC 2016.


SpeechTeach: #clmooc

In the lead up to this years #clmooc, I've been scrolling through Twitter more than usual. Early this morning I found the latest DS106 Daily Create and was caught up in the task it posed: write an eight word memoir using the "Pixar Story Spine". What, I thought, is the "Pixar Story Spine"?
jdenslow Over 7 years ago

My CLMooc map blog post


CLMooc Map

Yesterday Daniel posted a link to last year's CLMooc Google map, and that prompted me to set one up for this year (link here if the embed does not work) To pin yourself to this map, navigate to where you live then click on the 'pin' icon and then click on the Google Map.
nomadwarmachine Over 7 years ago