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Change the Way you Recognize Learning

Badges offer a new approach to learning recognition that fosters energetic engagement

Build a recognition system that guides learners to the next step and celebrates learning achievements in real time.

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Optimize Teacher Professional Development

Badge List is the optimal solution for Teacher PD. Hundreds of school districts and universities have found great success building a program that is customized to meet their needs.

  • badge-check Badges are fun!

    Districts that offer badges for teacher PD get better results. People learn more when they are enjoying themselves.

  • people-connecting Inspire Greater Engagement

    Professional Development that is designed to speak directly to the teachers in your district keeps them coming back for more.

  • person-star Build PD to fit your specific context

    Different districts have different needs. The old style one-size-fits-all approach to teacher PD is a waste of time.

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Help Students Stand Out to Employers

Many university students have struggled to find employment after college. Badges change all that. By recognizing specific, marketable skills you can help them to bridge the gap between education and employment.

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Give Students Confidence with Professional Credentials

Digital Credentials Provide the Success Mentality Needed to Advance to the Next Level


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