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Triple the Lifetime Value of Your Clients (and Boost Their Status) with Digital Badges

Digital badges recognize achievement and help you turn one-time buyers into loyal fans. Recognize students, sell more courses and connect new leads to your offerings with Badge List.

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We offer a concierge service to design, build and award your badges for you. Make the magic happen with minimal effort.

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Recognition brings joy. Keep them coming back for more.

Everyone wants to be recognized for their achievements.
Think Olympic medals, diplomas and professional certificates. Credentials open doors. With digital badges, you don’t just give your followers recognition, you give them status.

  • Reward your followers with the visible status they crave
  • Create loyal fans who buy repeatedly from you
  • Generate more revenue from each user
  • Dramatically boost your customer lifetime value
  • Inspire commitment and keep them hooked on your brand
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Why do people love badges? Each Badge = status & money

Why do people go tens of thousands of dollars into debt for a degree? Why do they sweat blood and tears for a trophy?

  • person-increasing People with certificates earn more income on average.

    A badge is a career win that can make the difference between being hired or not.

  • award Compensation and appreciation are huge motivators.

    It all boils down to psychology. For all of human history, gold and glory have made the world go round.

  • bars-increasing Progressing towards an achievement creates commitment.

    Make sure they’re in it to win it. The chance to earn a badge keeps them focused, dedicated and constantly interacting with you.

  • rocket Achievements add more longevity to an experience.

    Progressive goals keep them coming back again and again.

  • like Awards and trophies make people feel good.

    Everyone wants an ego boost and something to be proud of.

  • trophy Recognition inspires a healthy sense of competition.

    The result? More people clamoring to earn a badge (and buy from you).

  • fireworks Earning awards is just plain satisfying.

    Earning a badge is fun. Seeing their hard work pay off keeps your audience eager and engaged.


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