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What is a wiki?

A wiki is an app that allows people to collaboratively build and manage content with others.  The most famous example of a wiki is undoubtedly Wikipedia, but the underlying wiki philosophy is present all across the web, from Google Docs to Facebook.  Here are some common features of a wiki:
  • A wiki is usually made up different "wiki pages"
  • Creating and editing wiki pages must be fast and easy ("wiki" is a Hawaiian word meaning "quick")
  • Most of the wiki pages are openly editable by any users of the wiki
  • Each wiki page can link to any other wiki page allowing a structure to emerge dynamically
  • Every change to a wiki page results in a new "version" of that page, but all previous versions of each page are stored indefinitely primarily so that undesired changes can be "reverted"
For more info,refer to Wikipedia's own article:

There are three kinds of wiki pages in Badge List

  • The Badge Wiki Page - This is the wiki page that is viewed on the first tab of a badge's page.  The badge wiki page is only editable by the experts of the badge.
  • Learner Wiki Pages - Each learner has a personal wiki page which is displayed on the first tab of their learning log's page.  The personal wiki page is only editable the the learner themselves.
  • Tag Wiki Pages - Tag wiki pages can be created and edited dynamically by any member of the badge (both learners and experts).

How do tag wiki pages work in Badge List?

In Badge List, tag wiki pages are created by including a #hashtag in a learning log entry or in another wiki page. By clicking on the hashtag, any members of the badge are able to view the corresponding wiki page or create a new one if none exists.  Each tag wiki page has a special url that is easily linked to (  For an example look at the url of this tag: It is the "wikis" tag of the "help" badge in the "badgelist" learning group.

In addition to the content of the wiki page itself, each tag wiki page also displays a list of all of the learning log entries in the badge which contain that hashtag (Note: Hashtags are not case sensitive so #hashtag is the same as #HashTag is the same as #HASHTAG).

How should you use the wiki pages?

There are many different ways in which the tag wiki pages can be used.  Learners can make up their own tag wiki pages to document personal work.  Groups of learners can use tag wiki pages to log their collaborations.  The experts can use tag wiki pages to document the knowledge needed to master the badge or can suggest that learner's include particular hashtags in their log entries as a way to organize their responses.

One particularly beneficial practice is for the badge experts to utilize the Badge Wiki Page to define a #concept-checklist, a list of concepts which must be mastered before the badge is earned.  If each item in the concept checklist is written as a hashtag then the corresponding tag wiki pages can be used to provide more in-depth instructions and link to helpful resources.

Despite the suggestions and ideas listed above, there is no "best way" to use the wiki.  Exactly how hashtags and wiki pages are used is up to the experts and learners of the badge.