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  • Last updated February 7, 2014 at 2:54 PM by hankish

Badge List can help make learning more social

Learning Logs: Each learner that joins a badge has their own Learning Log. Learners can browse each others' log entries to stay connected.  Badge experts can also post to a learners log to provide feedback and keep track of progress. >> #learning-logs

Browse Recent Activity: All of the most recent activity for a badge is easy to see by clicking the "Recent Entries" tab on the badge page.

Personal Badge Wiki Pages:  Each learner has their own personal wiki page to use as a profile and a place to summarize the learner's experience.

User Profiles: Each Badge List user has a personal profile page that displays the badges they've earned and allows other users to see what they're working on right now.

Hashtags & the Badge Wiki: By putting a hash sign ("#") before a string of characters within the body of a learning log entry or wiki page, users create "hashtags". Each hashtag is a clickable link to a tag wiki page that is editable by all the learners and experts of the badge.  The tag wiki page also shows all of the learning log entries which contain that hashtag. A tag wiki page can even contain hashtags that link to other tag wiki pages, allowing badge members to build an interlinked collection of wiki pages.  >> #hashtag