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  • Last updated February 11, 2014 at 11:40 AM by hankish

What are learning logs in Badge List?

A learning log is sort of like a learning-focused blog.  Each user that joins a badge is given their own learning log.  The learner or the experts of the badge can post entries to the learning log.  Those entries are visible to anyone who has access to the learning group (some groups are public and others are private).

When a learner believes they have mastered all of the skills necessary to earn the badge, he or she can request that their learning log be "validated" by the current experts of the badge.  Once enough experts have positively validated a learner's log that learner is issued the badge and becomes one of the badge experts. >> More info: #validation

After a learner earns a badge, all of the non-private entries in their learning log become visible to the public internet.  If the learner chooses to export the badge to another app using the Mozilla Open Badge Framework the learning log itself is linked to the achieved badge to provide evidence of the learner's achievement.  If the badge is part of a private learning group, then the learning log will only be publicly visible to those who have the exact URL. (More info: #log-visibility)