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What is a hashtag?

A hashtag is just a string of characters preceded by a hash sign ("#").  The string of characters must be continuous and can only contain certain characters (letters, numbers, dashes and underscores).  Hash tags are usually not case-sensitive, meaning that #HashTag is the same as #HASHTAG is the same as #hashtag.  Here are some other examples of valid hashtags: #intro-to-this-badge, #FAQ, #MicrosoftExcel, #Adobe_Photoshop_CC, #windows8

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How does Badge list use hashtags?

In Badge List, hashtags can be included in the body of a learning log entry or in a wiki page.  Each hashtag is a clickable link to a tag wiki page that is editable by all the learners and experts of the badge.  The tag wiki page also shows all of the learning log entries which contain that hashtag. A tag wiki page can even contain hashtags that link to other tag wiki pages, allowing badge members to build an interlinked collection of wiki pages.