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  • Last updated February 11, 2014 at 11:59 AM by hankish

First some terminology...

In Badge List, learning groups have members and admins, while badges have learners and experts.
  • A learning group member is allowed to join (join = become a learner of) any badges in the group
  • A learning group admin is allowed to join any badges as well as create and delete badges
  • A badge learner is allowed to edit any of the tag wiki pages in the badge
  • A badge expert is allowed to edit any of wiki pages in the badge at all (including the main wiki page) except for the learners' personal wiki pages

How to add learners

In order to add a learner to a badge you need to first invite them to be a member or admin of the group.  You can do this by going to the group page, selecting the "Members" or "Admins" tab and then clicking the button with a plus sign on it.  You can also just click the "+ Add Learners" button in the badge and follow the "Invite new members" link from that screen.

I just added some learners but I don't see them under the "Learners" tab of the badge, what's going on?

If you're inviting new Badge List users to join your learning group (or any of the badges), they will not show up as a "Member" / "Admin" or as a "Learner" until they have accepted your invitation and created a Badge List user account.  You can monitor pending invitations by going to the learning group page, selecting the "Members" or "Admins" tab and then clicking on the drop down list that says "Currently waiting on X invitations".  Clicking on a waiting invitation from that list will bring up a management window which allows you to revoke their invitations or resend their invitation emails.

What happens if I remove a user from the learning group?  Will they still be able to see the badges?

Only active learning group members and admins may interact with the badges in the group.  This means that if you kick a user out of the group, they will no longer be able to edit any of the badge wiki pages and if the group is private they will no longer be able to browse the badge activity.  Kicking a user out of your learning group will not delete their learning logs, it will merely "disconnect" the learning log from the badge.