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Now, link to your badge on twitter and @mention @badgelist - link to your tweet below and you'll be a Badge List quick starter!

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Learning new badging software. https://t.co/6BsCM3tQMF @badgelist

raven_brannon Over 3 years ago

We are learning about Lasallian Formation process

wenjie Over 4 years ago

I love using gamification in my classroom and I now bring it to my followers! You can earn badges for following me… https://t.co/55ILSpZvMK

mrslemmo Over 4 years ago

I am giving @BadgeList a try. I created my first badge for our upcoming training at HHS. https://t.co/w5ETK5otDK

kevin-bryan Almost 5 years ago

Tracking student learning with digital badges @Mention @BadgeList

kennedyga About 5 years ago

Using badges to increase teacher interest in professional development https://t.co/MOH0uU9PLd @mention, @BadgeList

mikeblois About 5 years ago

Checking out https://t.co/A2kR8mXdtu Create your own online badges.

shuddleston About 5 years ago

https://t.co/qFEtGJH8EE @mention @badgelist

mkececi Over 5 years ago

I wanted to @mention that @badgelist is a great way to gamify professional development! https://t.co/CW4dyedwGF https://t.co/cza67y5v2h

carrie Over 5 years ago

Let's try this. Would you like to get a Badge as Participant of the 2017 #OnlineTeacherSummit? https://t.co/xnbGc6TH2P

paulino-brener Over 5 years ago

I created an #edcampCbus badge on @BadgeList https://t.co/DzaFVX9jjE.

ed-jones Over 5 years ago

I've created a micro-credential badge course for Tableau Public on https://t.co/Jq5GNVNzVO at https://t.co/1WFnTRdlCI #badgelist

drhandran Almost 6 years ago