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Now, link to your badge on twitter and @mention @badgelist - link to your tweet below and you'll be a Badge List quick starter!

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Experimenting and learning! @mention @badgelist

michael-accurso 4 months ago

This is my badge https://t.co/22zGVGlkSu @BadgeList @Mention

lightlink33 About 1 year ago

A new way to add badge to your members @BadgeList

ama Over 1 year ago

Snow day #2 = learning day: Badge Beginner - Model Schools - Badge List

kelly-nocca Almost 2 years ago

Start using badges in 5 minutes with the "copy badges" feature on @BadgeList https://t.co/tO5DNGwLYw #ConnectedTLhttps://t.co/isonIRV1PT

benroome About 2 years ago

https://t.co/4xeDpM0npW @mention @BadgeList

josedelarosa Over 2 years ago

https://t.co/4xeDpM0npW @mention @BadgeList

josedelarosa Over 2 years ago

We are in the process of transferring our open badges to a new platform at https://t.co/XsiIXiel7V. The first one… https://t.co/dXgsPMYKBU

caa1880 Over 2 years ago

Trying out some features in @badgelist https://t.co/NTZtCRnavk

slundgren Almost 3 years ago
jpdevc About 3 years ago
jpdevc Over 3 years ago

@KBAAwards @BadgeList opportunity to earn badge for participating in KBA at your library. See link on KBA Facebook page and join the fun!

janetjwells Over 3 years ago