Ben Roome

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My vision for #openbadges is a world where people are able to track celebrate their learning achievements throughout their entire life.

  • December 2, 2016 at 9:51 AM
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Open badges have the potential to be a powerful learning tool used by everyone in the world. Not only can open badges help to show exactly what skills and competencies a person has acquired through learning, they can also serve as illuminated markers on the path to success.

In future iterations of Badge List users will be able to earn "pathway badges," or badges that are earned at the end of a lengthier learning cycle. When educators or administrators build a pathway badge, they can guide learners through the knowledgespace by inviting them to earn all the relevant badges in a pathway.

Although Badge List offers a portfolio functionality right now, we are building features that will allow learners to pull items from their workstream on many different platforms. Advanced learning portfolios will allow me to display my learning evidence to anyone who wants to see it.

In the longer term, badges have the potential to structure entire learning communities, displaying different levels of expertise and offering different privileges based on demonstrated expertise. Badges will also help to bridge the gap between higher ed and employment, making it easier to fill job roles with the right candidate. Finally, badges have the power to help the world generate expertise more quickly by helping people to more efficiently verify new expertise as it appears.