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Post a link to a requirement page that you've created. Learning evidence is the heart of every badge. To add detail to your required evidence pages, click on the evidence item, click "create evidence page" and tell us what you want us to do to earn your badge.
First, list the requirements for earning your badge in short headings.  Then, inside the badge click the blue book icon to enter the requirement page.  Write a detailed description of what evidence you need to earn the badge.

In order to complete this phase, click "post evidence" next to the blue book icon, and leave a link to one of your evidence pages by copying the URL from your evidence page.

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Evidence page to receive badge -accept invitation -enter in your full name


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mlpadmin 10 months ago

This evidence



pedrofabrizzioc About 1 year ago

This is a URL leading to the badge I created.


Invite Someone

Invite someone else to join the group for an easy first badge. The only requirement for this badge is to invite someone else to join the group, which allows you both to earn an easy badge. There is nothing more or less to this.
saber23 About 2 years ago

This asks the learner to share the link to the digital whiteboard they created.


Create a Digital Whiteboard

Go to Click the blue "Start Drawing" Button Practice adding drawings and other types of media to your sample whiteboard to aide in instructing a lesson Tutorial: You can easily share your whiteboard with others for instant collaboration Click the share button and copy the link to invite others to interact with your whiteboard Tutorial: After adding multiple items to your whiteboard, submit a link to your practice whiteboard
lee-ferenc About 2 years ago

Review new questions and then post comments and questions

melblohm Over 2 years ago

Linkedin Profile


Justin Rader, M.S.Ed. - Director of Housing Operations at The Landings at Terra Village - Tiffin University | LinkedIn

I am a self-starter, extremely well organized, attentive to detail and adept at handling multiple agendas. I have a passion and drive for helping all students in order for them to achieve their goals in life and in an academic setting.
justin1234 Over 2 years ago

one of the evidence requirements for my badge

jamie_schnaus Over 2 years ago

Just a test

janushead Almost 3 years ago

Requirement to post a link to a created badge for testing purposes.

marko Almost 3 years ago

Link to the badge where you will see two pieces of required evidence.

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kelly-nocca About 3 years ago

This group is about Egypt-

Badge List


A group for all who are interested in Egyptology and Ancient Egypt.
robert-patruna About 3 years ago

Here we ask our members to prove that they can tie all the required knots for the fire department

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Knot Tying - Old Forge Jr. Firefighters

Member will full show that they can tie the necessary knot types
oldforge39 Over 3 years ago