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Educational Inspiration #2

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Share something that gives you educational goosebumps. Is it a teaching strategy you'd like to try? Something that gets you right in your big teacher heart or is a fantastic reminder of why you do what you do everyday for our students? Share that inspiration with us!

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#TLAP #XPLAP #PlayLAP are all giving me a few goosebumps right now. So many neat ideas that get me excited all over again about teaching.

rolandteach Almost 7 years ago

Energy Bus

I am inspired by our Turner cohorts. I can't wait to try the Energy Bus for Kids from August to May of 2017-2018 school year and assess the impact it has on my students. 
stones Almost 7 years ago

Teacher movies!

I know they are cheesy but I love teacher movies. Stand and Deliver, Freedom Writer's, The Ron Clark Story, Mr Holland's Opas, Good Will Hunting, Dead Poet's Society, even Waiting on Superman. Watching these inspire me. So many times it feels like I'm working against all odds, I'm putting my life on hold and making sacrifices and wondering if it's worth it. These kinds of inspirational stories help me remember that it is. 
ruffteacher Almost 7 years ago

Who isn't inspired by Kid President?! This video is one of my favorites to share with kids.


How To Change The World (a work in progress) | Kid President

In today's adventure, Kid President explores people's different ideas about how to make the world better. What do you think is the best way to change the world? Mark your calendars: Kid President returns with big and exciting new episodes January 16, 2014!
mrsnix Almost 7 years ago

This video reminds me of the student I want to teach! I want to look for more ways to inspire this type of excitement in my classroom


Audri's Rube Goldberg Monster Trap

Audri would like to say thank you for the encouraging comments. He is 7 years old and he can read so please keep it positive. He wants to be a theoretical physicist when he grows up and has big plans to study robotics at MIT.
mrsnix Almost 7 years ago

Oldie but goodie...love watching this when I need a reminder of why I became a teacher!


What Teachers Make Final Moviebk2 0001

Taylor Mali's inspirational poem cleaned up a bit (aka censored) for a teacher's inservice audience. Original show by Ethos3.com located at http://www.slideshare.net/ethos3/what-teachers-make-515731
mrsnix Almost 7 years ago


I get educational goosebumps from thinking about our students immersed in outdoor experiences. I would love to create a course around gardening for nutritional, environmental and economic purposes. I can picture students knee-deep in soil, planting, tending and harvesting crops. I also picture them selling said crops or creating nutritious meals from them. I can also picture students creating solutions to local environmental concerns related to air and water quality. 
thomasjen Almost 7 years ago


I am so inspired by #TLAP. I want to continue to hook my students with engaging activities and content! I have some classroom transformations planned that I cannot wait to do. I've already done one transformation and the most rewarding thing and the thing that pushes to continue TLAP is the students' faces and the high level of engagement. It is so amazing to see children truly ENJOY learning. That is what TLAP does! 

I have a ton of ideas for next year to gamify my lessons and continue to TEACH LIKE A PIRATE!!! 

First step is buying the actual TLAP book!
paigefickbohm Almost 7 years ago

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paigefickbohm Almost 7 years ago