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Educational Inspiration #2

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Share something that gives you educational goosebumps. Is it a teaching strategy you'd like to try? Something that gets you right in your big teacher heart or is a fantastic reminder of why you do what you do everyday for our students? Share that inspiration with us!

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I’m inspired by my own children. I strive to be the kind of teacher to my students that I want for my own kids.

holtra Over 5 years ago

I get goosebumps...

When I think about the different ways I can positively impact my students. There is just something about seeing a child recognize that they are important to someone that melts my heart and makes the hard days worth it. As teachers, it isn't just our job to teach them reading, writing, and arithmetic, but to teach them how to be better humans and to have love and respect for themselves and others.
trishelle Over 5 years ago

Breakout EDU gives me educational goosebumps. I think it is an amazing way to review information that has been learned! Starting this soon!

echapman Almost 6 years ago

Educational Goosebumps

I love the AHA MOMENT! I love seeing when students "get" a concept. Their eyes light up with pride and they have such a sense of accomplishment. It is also a great way to remind them when they are struggling - "You didn't understand multiplying fractions at first either, but you kept working and practicing and now you can multiply any fractions!! Keep practicing; you'll get it."
melbsmith About 6 years ago

The Struggle Kid

Being able to create an educational partnership with a student that is constantly struggling is one of the most fantastic reminders on why I am here in the education field. All kids need help, and it is important to adjust to those students that need a different kind of support in order to be successful. I really enjoy connecting to those kids that believed that there wasn't any hope of having a better day or grade.
brownk About 6 years ago

Inspiration #2

The thing that gives me the biggest goosebumps as a teacher is when you have a student that finally makes that connection with what you have been teaching.  Every year I read a book at Christmas time to my students.   It is a Junie B. Jones Christmas book.  In the book, Junie B. receives a gift from a Secret Santa.  A "Secret Santa" (me) then gives the students in my class the same gift, a new box of crayons.  Every year I have several students then make a connection between the gift they received and the gift Junie B received.  Their faces and enthusiasm bring tears to my eyes every year.  They love this book so much they start asking to read other Junie B. books.  
schlessmanj About 6 years ago


Something that drew me to teaching in the first place is seeing the light-bulb go off in a student's brain when something finally clicks for them, whether it be a math concept that they have been struggling on, or something that happened in ELA that they finally understand. Anytime that happens, it never fails to give me goosebumps and reminds me why I do what I do every day!
ncoyan Over 6 years ago

Student "Lightbulbs" Inspire Me

Those simple moments of a student's excited expression that lets me know they just figured something out.  The lightbulb brightens as their smiles spread across their faces.  These are the moments that keep me going every day. Also, the moments when students can use "kid" words to explain a concept then more lightbulbs light up.  The excitement is contagious! 
walkera Over 6 years ago


Students owning their learning and being accountable.  
hollands Over 6 years ago

Student Thank Yous

Ths year Iwould sometimes walk into my classroom and find a note left on my desk. It seems so small but many times student would say they had thought they couldn't and then they could. I always tell students they can do it, but it's empowering when they realize it's true.
cartym Almost 7 years ago

I have the best team!

I am inspired everyday by the incredible things my colleagues in the 3-5 hallway are doing with their students. They create the most amazing learning experiences and I am constantly looking to Twitter to see what crazy thing they have done next and thinking how I can bring that down to the 1st grade level. 

My 1st grade teammates across the hall are constantly giving me examples of incredible teaching. They have the best ideas and try to make each day fun and exciting for their kids. 

My MTE team inspires me to try something new each day!
diedrichk Almost 7 years ago

I have been inspired by our Energy Bus Cohort.

This was a great cohort to teach!  I had never read the book before agreeing to teach the class and it was awesome.  I loved the people in our group, we were able to have great candid discussions.  It was a great space to share goals and become motivated in life and teaching.
waterkotteh Almost 7 years ago