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Here is a post from the creator of #observeme - http://robertkaplinsky.com/observeme/. What do you envision gaining by encouraging your colleagues to observe you AND by going to other classrooms with the #observeme signs?

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I hope to learn...

I hope to gain and new perspective on my teaching along with new ideas on assessment, cooperative learning and classroom management. I want to always be learning so it is a good idea to get into other classrooms to see what they are doing. 
echapman Almost 4 years ago

Expectations of ObserveMe

Taking time to watch others teach (especially similar students) allows me the opportunity to watch the management of these students. In addition, these observations will allow me to see how others interact with the students and to learn different techniques to improve my own teaching.
kudrhagan About 4 years ago

New Ideas!

This was a hard thing for me to get excited about because it makes me nervous getting observed. After researching it, I think it would be really beneficial for me to help take away some of that nervousness! I think that it would be great to visit other people too, because I am always learning new tricks and tips from other colleagues on how to teach different topics!
ncoyan Over 4 years ago

Observe me

It helps me to learn new ideas to use in my classroom. I am brand new to TSGA and to teaching solely science. I like to be in other classrooms and see what is working well for them and how students are responding to different teachers. The biggest thing I want to learn about is behavior and classroom management ideas. I always need improvement there. 
coppleb Over 4 years ago

Observe Me is a great way for me to see what other people in our building are doing to best meet the needs of our kids.

I can always use new ideas that I get from observing others. 
armstrongl Over 4 years ago


I hope to hear the perspective of an outsider focusing on student-teacher relationship, student enagagment, and technology incorporation. 
hollands Over 4 years ago
For my colleagues to observe me gives me, as a teacher, what I could change in my instruction that can make a more powerful impact. How I can incorporate technology more in my instruction. 
When I observe other teachers it gives me the a chance to give them so feedback but also take some ideas that they are doing that I could use in my classroom. 
nichole10 Over 4 years ago
I hope to gain feedback on my role in the  building as well as motivate others to want and give feedback to peers. 

tidwells Almost 5 years ago

Permission to Spy on Others!

I love seeing what other people are up to, and to get ideas for my own groups (especially when it comes to classroom management). However, I wouldn't feel comfortable just randomly walking into people's rooms. #observeme gives permission to go into rooms and see what other people are doing.

I would like for other people to come in and see what we're up to. I also am interested in seeing what others have to say. Other teachers from other backgrounds might have a different perspective and be able to give suggestions that I would never have thought of on my own. 
popep About 5 years ago

I see myself gaining knowledge of how to apply different sites/apps/ in my classroom as I observe my peers and browse #observeme on twitter

hansenc About 5 years ago

My first badge to earn is the #observeme.

Opening myself up to feedback can help me build a better environment for Oak Grove as a whole.
stones About 5 years ago

I am most excited about going into other classrooms.

As an elementary physical education teacher I rarely get to see what other teachers are doing in their classrooms.  I am excited to see what teachers do for management in a classroom setting.
waterkotteh About 5 years ago