#2 Badgelist 101

Intro Video Tutorial

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Copy and paste the link below to view a tutorial video that will give you an overview of the Badgelist website. Provide the steps you will take from joining a badge to submitting your evidence for that badge. _______ https://youtu.be/PjRRXzqhdng

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I learned how to join different groups, but the Tags item you refer to was not on my screen. I wonder if there as been a version upgrade.

joet Over 3 years ago

How to Earn a Badge

1. Browse to find the badge you want to earn.
2. Complete the activities required to earn the badge.
3. Post evidence required to earn the badge.
4. Submit request for feedback.
ritanolan Over 3 years ago


Watched the tutorial to learn how to use this system. I will need a lot more practice to understand.
lrabanal Over 3 years ago

Login and choose a badge. Join the badge and post evidence of completing the badge. Request feedback in order to submit.
kargc Over 3 years ago


Log in to Badge List
Click on Badges 4 Bears groups
Find the badge you want to join
Click on "Join Badge"
Complete All Requirements for the badge.
Click on Request Feedback.
kcjaney Over 3 years ago

Watched Video

nksmith Over 3 years ago


1.  Open Badges for Bears website2. Read the descriptions 3. Choose a badge 4. Follow the steps listed in the description to learn about the topic. 5. Complete the activity 6. Submit required evidence7. Request feedback. 8. Earn badge 
scheerk Over 3 years ago

Video Link

gracek Over 3 years ago
kcjaney Over 3 years ago

watched in PD

kcjaney Over 3 years ago

Earning a badge

Login in
Browse badges
Choose badge
Find out requirements
Submit evidence
Ask for feedback
caglej Over 3 years ago

How to earn badges

1. Join badges for bears
2. search for badges that interest you- start with cub level.
3. click join badge
4. complete the required evidence for that badge
-this can be via screenshots, text, etc.5. Request feedback
pcedergreen Over 3 years ago