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Complete the overall conference evaluation for your conference.

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Overall Conference Evaluation

I enjoyed the conference very much and feel that I was exposed to several new ideas, resources, and process like the VECTOR process that I would absolutely be able to incorporate in my SIM work in schools. I also enjoyed the Keynote address by Dr. Olli-Pekka Malinen and the Food for Thought session with Don Deshler. 
Thank you to the conference organizer. Great Job!
I look forward to an exciting 2022/2023 school year with several SIM ventures that are currently in the works. 
chpeterson 11 months ago

I completed the overall conference survey on 3.17.22 following the live webinar.

kimterrell 11 months ago

I learned so much from this conference. I completed all the evaluations. I hope that Don Deshler's food for thought session is highlighted

ddp 11 months ago

Conference Completed

I completed the asynchronous work, attended the synchronous Zoom session, and evaluated all sessions. 
sb12 11 months ago

Final Session

I completed the final session today and it was good to have discussion with colleagues around the sessions.  Good to learn of the research projects that are being undertaken.
marystowe12 11 months ago

Completed evaluations for all required sessions

I have completed all of the required sessions:  the keynote, Jocelyn's session, two within the first strand, and three within the second strand.  I have completed the evaluations via the links provided for all sessions.  Now on to other sessions for more fun!
marystowe12 11 months ago

Just Finished my last Break out Session Today

I have enjoyed all the sessions I have attended. I loved the Scavenger Hunt. I made a running list of all my learning and links to be able to refer back to when needed. See you all on March 17th. 
denise-bailey1 11 months ago

Just completed my last break out session and finished the overall conference evaluation.

mholmberg 11 months ago

Elizabeth Farrell and I are listening to the listening and note taking session.

jjlesh31 12 months ago