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pat317 4 months ago

Great conference...

I am so grateful to have been allowed to participate in the conference virtually and at no cost.  Thank you for providing us this opportunity!

I said this in my official overall conference evaluation, but I think it proved the efficacy of virtual professional development and coaching as presented in the Virtual Coaching module.  I learned so much, and I am even more proud to be a part of the KU-CRL network!
cynthia2 4 months ago

Conference Evaluation

After finishing the 2022 Virtual SIM Update, I completed the overall conference evaluation. I answered each question in detail and reflected on my experience.

Thank you for everything. I really enjoyed the update conference this year.
reddingas 4 months ago

Overall Evaluation

I completed an overall evaluation after the conference on July 18, 2022.  I found the overall format of the conference to be engaging and easy to follow.  The canvas pre-work was easy to access and was filled with many resources.  I found the break out sessions to be thought provoking and a starting point for conversation starters among my colleagues.  I hope I will be able to access the modules at a later date because I think the sessions I didn’t get to watch could be helpful with future planning and SIM work.  
samantha-layne 5 months ago

Conference Evaluation

I submitted my overall conference evaluation on 7/19/2022. This was a wonderful conference. I enjoyed the format and the ability to complete sessions when I had time in my schedule.
erin_woodby 5 months ago

Conference Evaluation

I did the evaluations throughout the conference but I would just repeat here that it was a wonderful conference and I am walking away motivated and excited to integrate this I learned into my courses and work in the upcoming year.


blatzsl 5 months ago

Conference Evaluation

I completed the overall conference on 7/19/22 after the Zoom Webinar.
tdooley75 5 months ago

Great update conference!

It was a great update conference. I loved the breakout room sessions based on the session strands we chose to attend. Additionally, I thought it was great to have some time to debrief with others about the keynote. Great update conference. 
cbeachboard 5 months ago

As always, I come away excited and refreshed with new ideas and confirmation of the power of SIM.

As always, I come away excited and refreshed with new ideas and confirmation of the power of SIM. I presented a session last summer and attend a few sessions, so it was a treat to choose new sessions to watch this year. From VECTOR coaching to Literacy Leadership, to HQPD Indicators, 35 years of CER research, SIM & Sp Ed Licensure, Rosemary's new book & wisdom from Don's brown Bag lunch- my heart and head a full! I look forward to the live session tomorrow for further discussion! Many thanks to the presenters and of course, organizers of this UPDATE; Jocelyn, Dana, Whitney, Peony and Mona. Extremely beneficial and well organized.
hbarrier 5 months ago

Submitted July 18. Looking forward to the live webinar tomorrow!

cleague 5 months ago

Overall session Reflection

It was a mighty and powerful group of committed professionals who were willing to share an abundance of knowledge and experiences. I am always impressed with the quality of professional development from all participants and the KU group. During the conference I gained knowledge of APLM (Adaptive Professional Learning Model), Institute of Strategic Mathematics Interventions, and the work of those working with pre-service educators. It's good stuff. SIM Conferences always leave me overwhelmed and impressed and motivated-all at the same time.
chrisschnieders 5 months ago

Overall Conference Evaluation for Midwest Update

I completed the overall conference evaluation online at the end of the conference. It was a fun two days, and it was good to visit with other SIM PDers from this area!  I gained a lot of new knowledge and about the Math Series, SIM and the Science of Reading, and teaching writing strategies through online professional development.  The ED CAMP also provided some great discussion about getting SIM back up and going in Minnesota, ND and Iowa!
tforseth 5 months ago