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Complete the overall conference evaluation for your conference and note the date completed.

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Completed June 14, 2021

jessdowns About 2 years ago

Overall Conference Evaluation

Completed on  July 15.  Excellent conference I learned a lot and feel refreshed to implement learning strategies with my students and provide PD to my peers.
e-vo About 2 years ago

Completed the Overall Conference Evaluation on July 15, 2021

rarvin About 2 years ago

The variety of topics/sessions was impressive-held my attention. Updates of work in progress was hopeful. SIM Lives! July 14, 2021

chrisschnieders About 2 years ago

Overall conference evaluation

Completed on 7/14/21. Thank you!
gatorkim About 2 years ago

Overall Conference Evaluation Completed on July 14, 2021

The conference was great. I enjoyed all sessions. Great resources. 
loriwillis About 2 years ago

This conference was to navigate, and I enjoyed Dr. Olli Pekka Malinen's keynote. Another perk was having so many excellent choices.

dtcronic About 2 years ago

I have completed the evaluations for July 13th sessions.

kcalhoon About 2 years ago

I have completed evaluations for all of my sessions that I have attended so far.

amber-gilliam About 2 years ago

I have submitted at least 1 evaluation of a session.

clee99 About 2 years ago

Conference evaluation completed on 07/13/2021

dorothee About 2 years ago

On 2/4/2021 I completed the Overall Conference Evaluation. I also completed all of the session evaluations. It was great!

gail0809 Over 2 years ago