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Complete the overall conference evaluation for your conference and note the date completed.

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Better late than never...

Just finished watching the session recordings...I complete the conference evaluation on 10/19/21.
lypeterson About 1 year ago

Final Evaluation was completed on 8/7/21

Conference was great and I will be able to use information from a couple of the sessions right away this school year!
mar1222 Over 1 year ago

Evaluation Complete!

I completed the conference evaluation on July 21, 2021.  I also completed individual session survey at the end of those live sessions.
mgwilson Over 1 year ago

I completed the evaluation on July 15th.

abowers Over 1 year ago

Conference Evaluation

I completed the Conference Evaluation on 7/20/21.  It was a great example of a virtual conference through the use of many different Zoom features and the use of Canvas for synchronous and asynchronous activities.
retired6 Over 1 year ago

Completed 7/20/21

crenetij Over 1 year ago

This conference is also a personal requirement as it feeds not only my professional and personal needs.

drcarljrca Over 1 year ago

2021 Virtual SIMposium Overall Conference Evaluation

The 2021 Virtual SIMposium Conference was a huge success. Participants had an informative keynote speaker, plenty of choices for sessions, time for participation in various formats, time to dig in deeper on Thursday, and provided thoughts, questions, and ideas for deep reflection. All of these benefits from the comfort of home via Zoom. At the end of three days, I ended the conference feeling energized by the quality of the sessions and the people who attended. I was reminded all over again why I became involved in SIM and have stuck with it for over 25 years. 
gkoenig Over 1 year ago

Evaluations Complete

I learned something new in every session I attended.  The quality of the presentations was so high, that I wasn't even tempted to multitask in the virtual setting. 
mhowie Over 1 year ago

Evaluations completed.

I completed evaluations after each session. This pertained to the keynote speaker, each break-out session that I needed, as well as an overall conference evaluation. I did complete three overall conference evaluations since they were the second page of the break-out session forms. These evaluations were completed on Tuesday, July 13th, 2021, and Wednesday, July 14th, 2021.
nicoleidone23 Over 1 year ago

Post Conference Evaluation July 15, 2021

tforseth Over 1 year ago

July 15, 2021 was my last evaluation submission.

I could not figure out how to do all of the evaluations in one, so I did a new one for each session that I attended right after I completed the session. July 15, 2021 is when I completed the last evaluations and the overall conference evaluation. Thank you for providing this PD and in a virtual manner! 
larissa-bell Over 1 year ago