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I really loved Professional Developer Tools session-Patty Graner. The SIM landscape has changed and I appreciate a look at what is new.

hannahsacra19 Over 4 years ago

Using CE Graphics for Essay Writing

The session with Jan Bulgren regarding using CE Graphics for Essay Writing was very insightful. Writing has not been a required component of District Assessments in Iowa in the past, but writing will become a requirement in 2018-19.  I expect districts will be more thoughtful and spend more time on writing skills. The idea of using CE Graphics for Essay Writing will be very helpful as districts work to prepare students to have the writing skills to be successful on the new state assessments.
presley Almost 5 years ago

I attended the Proficiency inTheme Writing (Narrative) Strategy session. I love the writing strategies!

I attended the Proficiency inTheme Writing (Narrative) Strategy session.  I love the writing strategies!  This one has a wonderful template for building the writing.
syoungers Almost 5 years ago

Cue Do Review...it's not just for devices

Excellent presentation about the Cue Do Review routine of the Content Enhancement Routines.  One thing that struck me was, Cue, Do, Review is key to make this more student-centered as opposed to teacher-centered. This is a big paradigm shift for people. Janice shared a Padlet that has a wealth of resources that I hope to return to often.  This padlet will be most helpful in planning professional development for me.
clee99 Almost 5 years ago

Differentiated Visual Tools

The DVT session was interesting. I would have liked to know more about getting training on the DVT and if there are any major differences in the Cue Do Review process for these as opposed to the Routines. 
cbeachboard Almost 6 years ago

Coaching approaches

The coaching discussion shows how different perceptions of coaching are among coaches themselves. We have several directive mindsets and several dialogical mindsets, and that mindset has a direct effect on coaching interactions from the start. The issue of fidelity to the SIM strategies becomes a tricky facet for coaches who want to follow that model with fidelity but also want to foster a sense of independence in teachers as they grow as professionals. There's a balance to be had there, but I don't think that balance is easy to articulate. 
sharon-thomas Almost 6 years ago

Block Party! Neal Kingstson's Keynote

Key points from Neal Kingstson's Keynote were given to each participant to discuss in pairs, small groups, and whole group formats.

Blue statement: "We have a problem in assessment and we need to admit we have a problem."

Green statement: "I think sometimes educators are lost..."

Pink statement: At one point Neil talked about accessibility as opposed to accommodation and referenced universal design. My question is: how can we move more toward universal design for Strategy Instruction? ~ D. Mossburg
melissa-fazzino Almost 6 years ago

I liked Patty's group exercise for discussion of the Keynote speaker. It was also good to see the comparison of Fusion and Xtreme.

retired6 About 6 years ago

I enjoyed listening to the presenters that talked about a checklist for teachers who are trying to earn badges for the different levels.

tinaspen213 About 6 years ago

Theme writing Informative

It was great having Jean "Zoom" in to share the information. She presented the information in a concise way, and I feel I could take the information back to my district and provide the professional development for staff in my district.
maggie_davis About 6 years ago

Proficiency in Theme Writing for Informative Essays. I would like to incorporate this into our undergraduate strategies instruction course.

dberlinghoff About 6 years ago