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You can systematically identify the parts of an experiment to better understand how it was planned to answer the research question.

Required Evidence


Pick and reflect on an artifact that illustrates the strategies you used to be successful in a task. More Info


Pick and reflect on an artifact that proves you have the skills, knowledge, and dispositions represented by the badge. More Info

Metacognitive Reflection

Write a reflection that explains how learning the skills, knowledge, and dispositions in this badge make you a better practicing scientist. More Info

Badge Overview


You can : 
  • Read a research article and identify the:
    • Research question
    • Independent variable, dependent variable, and variables held constant
    • Controls (negative and positive) or standards
    • Type of sample selection (if applicable)
    • Sample size (if applicable
    • Findings on how the independent variable affects the dependent variable (i.e., the answer to the research question)

Why Earn This Badge?

In order to solve a problem, whether that is answering a research question or troubleshooting a problematic protocol, you have to be able to think about the problem systematically. Part of this systematic thinking is being able to identify the parts of the system. This badge will show that you can identify the parts of an experiment and are prepared for success in future classes and careers in many disciplines.

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Jacob O


Badge awarded on 5/28/17

Jacob Risoff


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Jane Pham


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