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Artifact 1: User Manual for a Laboratory Technician

  • Introduction
    • Describe the technique and how it is commonly used in the laboratory.
  • Example Results
    • Photos of significant unusable results with captions describing what you see that makes each unusable.
    • Photo of a usable result with captions describing what you see that makes it usable.
  • Troubleshooting
    • Given each unusable result, identify the possible causes and how you would fix them to get a usable result.  Use text features to organize the information so that a reader can use the manual to troubleshoot results they observe from the technique.
  • Reflection (verbal, written, or visual) on what your data does (or doesn’t) say about you as a scientist or technician.  Write about the results and the reasons why particular data points are not useable and how to amend the procedure in order to improve the results.

Artifact 2: Technique Evaluation

  • Analyze another piece of equipment and discuss the limitations of the piece of equipment.
  • In video or written form discuss the typical limitations of the equipment and the effect on the data.

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