Kaitlyn Wood

5. FAQs & Suggested Reading

FAQs Reflection

  • June 22, 2023 at 12:28 PM
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The task of completing the Xtreme Reading FAQs was both informative and a good review at this point in my badging for this reading program. Although I knew many of these answers, focusing on the details and having to explicitly explain and add resources, such as the introduction section of a specific strategy or the Xtreme Reading "At A Glance" document, helped me to solidify my understanding and explanation of Xtreme Reading. This is a document that I can refer back to when meeting with administrators within my district to discuss the benefits of this reading program. By having completed these FAQs, I will be able to answer common questions that district leaders may have with ease. This assignment has prepared me in my role as a Professional Developer in Xtreme Reading, and I feel more confident in presenting Xtreme Overviews to educate and promote Strategic Instruction Model through this reading program with others in my district.