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iPad Media Camp

An iPad sketchnote is a visual, non-linguistic representation of ideas

Required Evidence

Draw a Sketchnote

Draw a Sketchnote using an iPad app like SeeSaw, ProCreate, Paper53, Forge, etc. Represent the main ideas of a video, lecture, or presentation visually. For tips, refer to: http://showwithmedia.com/visual-notetaking/ Evidence: Type "done" and submit when complete. More Info

Export Final Version

Use the "share square" to export and save your final Sketchnote as a JPG or PNG image file to your iPad Camera Roll. Evidence: Upload and submit your image here. More Info

Share Your Work

Share your Sketchnote with others. Upload to a SeeSaw class, share on Twitter with the hashtag #iPadMediaCamp, upload to Facebook, upload to Google Photos, etc. Evidence: Share the link to your shared Sketchnote here. More Info

Badge Overview

An iPad sketchnote is a visual, non-linguistic representation of ideas. Here is an example:

This is a BRONZE level iPad Media Camp badge:
  • Bronze: CREATE and share by yourself (independently)
  • Silver: DESIGN a project for others to create
  • Gold: SHARE by teaching someone else how to create the project
More information about "iPad Media Camp," the "Show with Media" digital literacy framework, and the "Design, Create and Share" lesson framework is available:
Image attribution: "WordCloud of Technology Department Values" by Wesley Fryer https://www.flickr.com/photos/wfryer/33880528680/

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