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iPad Media Camp

Create an iPad collage combining several images

Required Evidence

Save Images

Take photos with the iPad camera or save photos/images to your iPad camera roll from the web about a common topic. Evidence: Type "done" and submit when complete. More Info

Select and Resize Images

Open the Pic Collage for Kids app (free) and choose a layout based on how many photos you have. Add and pinch to resize photos in the layout. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/pic-collage-for-kids-best/id977081997?mt=8 Evidence: Type "done" and submit when complete. More Info

Export and Share

Export the image with the "share square," saving it to your camera roll. Share the image to SeeSaw. Evidence: Upload your final image. More Info

Badge Overview

An iPad image collage combines several images into a single, saved image. Optionally, text, "stickers," and other media elements can be added.

This is a BRONZE level iPad Media Camp badge:
  1. Bronze: CREATE and share by yourself (independently)
  2. Silver: DESIGN a project for others to create
  3. Gold: SHARE by teaching someone else how to create the project
More information about "iPad Media Camp," the "Show with Media" digital literacy framework, and the "Design, Create and Share" lesson framework is available:

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Lily Shipley


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