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As a community leader you've told people about Badge List, Mozilla Open Badges, and your badge group. Link to three tweets that contain one each of the following: #openbadges, @badgelist and a link to your badge group.

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What sorts of evidence should students submit to earn classroom badges? ✔︎out this sample classroom: #badgechatk12

miltology Almost 8 years ago

Read latest blog on badge swag: 3 Free @BadgeList accounts raffled off at my session #cue16

miltology Almost 8 years ago

Facilitating a #cue16 session w/@Lindamcclure was an Amazing experience. Attendee feedback shows power of badging:

miltology Almost 8 years ago

Interested in self-paced PD? Join @Lets_Get_Techy @BadgeList group! #gamification #gamifyPD

mvavikingstech Over 8 years ago